Simon Torres

Born in Caracas, Venezulea
Living in Los Angeles, California


Simon at the mic


Surfing is one of my favorite things in the world.

When I’m on my board, in the ocean, waiting for a wave, it’s so easy for me to be completely present in the moment, in sync with the rhythm of the waves. I sit and wait patiently, when I see the waves coming, I dive into action. I don’t think about anything else, I am just present with what is going on right now, with the wave I’m riding.

Until I found MSIA, I thought that I’d always have to be in the ocean to feel as good & connected to myself as I do when I’m surfing. I thought surfing would always be my ultimate high: my favorite moments in life.

Then I went to one of MSIA’s Peace Awareness Trainings (PATs) and I had an experience that was way beyond any surfing session that I ever had. I realized that the experience of joy lives inside of me. At the PAT training I remember that I felt that I had found my truth, even though I wasn’t sure of what exactly my truth was, something inside of me knew that I had found it, and the experience was completely joyful and liberating.