Reflections on Loving Each Day

By: MSIA Staff

January 24th, 2019

We recently received some beautiful replies from one of our Loving Each Day subscribers. We share them with you as inspiration and for your enjoyment:

Every day, the first thing I do is to read the daily email from Loving Each Day – Reflections on the Spirit Within. Many John-Roger and John Morton daily quotes, I make into hard copies and paste them in my spiritual exercises (s.e.’s) journal.

Regarding the Loving Each Day quote from January 1, 2019:

Speak kind words, speak loving words, speak to the health and the direction of prosperity to everyone – not as a panacea, not as a Pollyanna approach, but as a divine truth that it is so.

– John-Roger, DSS, Forgiveness, The Key to the Kingdom, p. 217

I use the initials of the word “SPILL” – as an acronym – for the key to the kingdom.

S – Seek first the kingdom of Heaven and all other things will be added onto you.
P – Please God let me be all you intended for me to be when the ‘seed’ of my being was planted in me.
I – I am keeping my eyes on you Lord, only You.
L – Let God make perfect in me what was started.
L – LORD, I did the BEST I could.

Regarding the Loving Each Day quote from January 6, 2019:

You might wonder how you can let go of the karma which has been a factor in your life, perhaps in ways you perceive as negative. One way is through the process of spiritual exercises.

– John-Roger, DSS, Be Loyal to Yourself

For me, s.e.’s heal the perception of separation from God. I believe that J-R visualized this Loving Each Day service to perhaps make MSIA one of the world’s spiritual teachings – truly a world’s teaching. It certainly has been true for me. It gave me the legitimacy to the awakening experience of Soul within us.

Regarding the Loving Each Day quote from January 11, 2019:

Practice spiritual exercises. Practice seeing the Light. Practice hearing the Sound. Practice seeing yourself through the eyes of the Master. Practice the Mystical Traveler consciousness.

– John-Roger, DSS, Divine Essence (Baraka), p. 148

For me, it’s easy to walk in the Light. If I follow the teachings, my life will be easy. I will enjoy myself, and I will be heading straight into the Soul realm. The teachings provide a master plan for living here on this planet in health, wealth, and happiness. It’s hard to understand why I’d live any other way.

In gratitude,
Mushtaq Jaafri

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Awesome. I too love love love Loving Each Day and copy many quotes into the “special quotes” file. Thanks for sharing this!