Taking the Light Road

By: John Morton, DSS

February 1st, 2019

Taking the Light Road


Always, there’s an opportunity, which is to take the Light road and the loving road and the peaceful road. – John Morton

This article comes from a sharing with John Morton at an MSIA staff meeting on July 18, 2006. It seems just as relevant today as it did twelve years ago.

Every once in a while, I like to point out that there’s always been something, and a lot, going on in the world that we interpret as tumultuous, catastrophic, violent, or something like that. I don’t know of any time that it hasn’t been happening on the planet. But in these times, there is the technology that allows us to be much more conscious and aware of where it’s going on and how it’s going on. So always, there’s an opportunity, which is to take the Light road and the loving road and the peaceful road.

First, it’s important to do that for yourself so that you’re not interpreting that if something is happening in the world, this means something’s broken with God or with your life or something like that. Obviously, there are lots of levels of consciousness working out through these situations. And I’m thankful to be with people where we tend not to resort to flinging bombs from one office to the other or something on that order, people who are obviously focusing on the higher-consciousness way of relating to one another and to situations.

This is just a reminder that it begins with each one of us, all the time, every time. And, you know, in one sense I think people feel helpless when listening to the news. I don’t dwell on it. I just pick it up here and there. I hear that people talk about it, but often even the people in the situations say that they don’t know what to do even if they wanted to stop it.

One aspect of the situations, and of those who are in the position to wreak havoc, is that there’s something karmic there. And so if we can send something — like Light — to help shift the situation to a more peaceful and loving one, that’s a good idea. I personally wouldn’t spend more than a minute doing it because the Light action is really instantaneous.

If you have some personal level of concern — maybe you know somebody or something that has a direct relationship to the situation — then that can change it to a 10-percent kind of thing for you to decide about. And in your ministry, there’s always an opportunity to consider if there’s some kind of call for you to get involved. For the most part, I find there isn’t, and it’s just something going on. So if it comes to my mind or consciousness somehow, I work it inside so that there’s a Light field all the time.

I find that’s the reality of who the Traveler is, there’s always a consciousness of Light and love. So whatever is brought into my consciousness, there’s a personal choice where I could say, “Let me look at that before that goes into the Light field,” and make it something personal. And I find it’s important that I don’t do that unless I want to get involved. And for the most part, I don’t want to go off to war or something like that.

So stay up. Don’t let it get you down. And if you are down, then you have a self-ministry right there, “Oops, I let it get me down. I let it depress me. I let it worry me. I let it take me into fear.” That just shows you a level inside of you that you’re not holding up in love and Light.

Stay with your experience and don’t move into the tendency to doubt your experience instead of just relating it as best you can. Go ahead and get the expression out. And if you want to restate it because you have a clearer way of relating it, go ahead, “Let me say that another way.” Or you just restate it. If you observe me, I do it all the time. It’s important in having freedom in your expression. Doubt, fear, and judgment tend to interfere with that. And that’s not our Movement. Our Movement functions in the freedom of expression.

This doesn’t mean that we’re exempt from the law. So if we’re in freedom of expression and we’re bashing things and making a mess of things, there will be karma in that and responsibility. Some people misinterpret what freedom means. It doesn’t mean freedom to violate the law. It really is freedom from the law, which comes into living in grace.

That begins in realizing that you are already a creation of perfection. So that how you express yourself, the way that comes through, is perfect even when you don’t think so or even when the reflection of the world in some way criticizes, judges, or reacts. You can realize that you have perfection going and you willingly, openly express that perfection for what it is, rather than try to change it to something else or control it, which doesn’t really work.

The beauty of that is that when you are freely expressing who you are, it harmonizes. It doesn’t have any againstness in it. So that would be a hint: If you ever experience yourself against something or someone, including yourself, you’re off.

So how do I work with that in freedom? There’s a freedom that functions through silence, peace, and quiet. Be still with yourself. Peace. Be still. It’s an inner process. So find who you are if you’ve lost yourself.

Rather than interpret, “There’s something wrong. I should doubt myself. My consciousness is not fully aware of my ‘I am-ness,’” see this as a good opportunity to be consciously aware of your “I am.” If we consciously follow our breathing in, it takes us into that awareness. And as we consciously follow it out, it takes us into the connection, into how the Light relates to all things. So your “I am-ness” is God’s “I am-ness,” and it also includes the consciousness of all of God’s creation.

One of the opportunities we have is to be the Light with our eyes open. It’s one thing to be able to go into a cave and retreat from the world and connect to our divinity. That’s worthwhile. But the great masters radiate the Light with their eyes open, walking and talking and taking the Light road.

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This was excellent and just what I needed as a reminder at this time 2/2/19. Thank You so much John and The Light. Eternity Wauls