One Light With Many Paths

By: John-Roger, DSS

February 1st, 2019

One Light With Many Paths


There is only one reality and that is the reality of God; and only one path and that is the path of Light. But there are many techniques in that one way. – John-Roger

This article by John-Roger was first published in the Movement Newspaper, March 1986.

The best way to find the Light is through a positive attitude and an uplifting consciousness. When we move ourselves into a position of receptivity and openness, we affirm the positive nature of our beingness.

This awakens the realization that there is one consciousness and that is the consciousness of God; there is only one reality and that is the reality of God; and only one path and that is the path of Light. But there are many techniques in that one way.

No one is going to hand you anything here. The world is not designed for that. We may undergo many trials and tribulations, but at some point our consciousness is connected to the Light. In that process we have a written guarantee, as long as we fulfill our contract. The contract is quite simple. On the physical level it’s health, wealth and happiness for everyone. Take care of yourself so you don’t become a burden upon society, your loved ones, or your family.

In the level of the imagination, we hold the pictures of completion, the things we want more of, and positive thinking by way of visualization takes place on this level. Use the creative imagination to see ourselves and everyone doing good, being good and having good. Use it to see us physically manifesting so that our Light so shines in the darkness that it glorifies the Father.

If we denounce something or someone, we place ourselves in levels that are out of balance and we must then reinforce that through jealousy, wrath, indignation, spiritual pride, lust, or judging other people. We can change negative thoughts that may be ingrained deep into the physical body, by imaging-in new thoughts. Another word for “image-in” is imagine . Imagine that life is beautiful. Imagine having the ability to walk through tomorrow on top of this world. We must put in the image of what is going to be right for us.

So we prepare ahead of time and we set up a situation. We say, “Such and such is going to happen to me” and we transmute old energy that may have been stored in the physical body, the imagination, the emotions, the mind or the unconsciousness.

How are you going to get healthy unless you have a healthy image and a good feeling about it? Spiritual thinking gives you the energy to adopt positive thinking. Love from Spirit is the positive element. When it comes in, it cleans the emotions and the mind and the physical body starts getting well.

We have an energy that radiates out from us as human beings whether we are thinking positively or not. Being healthy is something that has to be worked at. Some people are naturally endowed with a good physical construction. You must keep the positive image in your mind that you want to reproduce throughout the body. For example, if you want to lose weight, see yourself being thin. Hold positive images in your thoughts.

Goodness attracts goodness and virtue attracts virtue, just as negativity produces and attracts negativity. This is the law of attraction, so monitor your thoughts and watch where you place your emotions .

Everyone around us is going to point the way into the kingdom of God. Some are going to speak softly and others are going to rant and rave. They may all be pointing away from themselves, but even the lie points the way to the truth. So we can look at any action we might call negative and see it as a reflector into God. For all things are designed to go to God.

If we are indeed following the admonitions of the Christ consciousness, and we see the brotherly love and God’s love, then our life should be reflected in our spoken word, for when we have done it to the least one, then we have done it to the Christ.

Do not be afraid to love someone in a positive way. You can do no harm, you can do no wrong, if you are truly loving them. Whatever you do to that person is going to uplift them. It’s going to be a blessing to them. It may be by telling them a joke to break the tension.

Humor is just one thing that human beings are blessed with. It is our heritage, to have joy and to have it more abundantly.

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