Conversations on Death and Dying on TV! [full recording]

By: David Whitaker

February 1st, 2019

Conversations on Death and Dying on TV! [full recording]


In case you don’t already know, beloved MSIA minister, Sally Kirkland, has a public access TV show called Sally Kirkland and Friends that airs live on Wednesday nights on cable 36 in West Hollywood.

Sally recently invited Carol Jones and I to share about Conversations on Death and Dying, a one evening class designed by Carol as an introduction to her six week PTS class, Joyful Transitions. Carol designed the class after co-writing her book, Through Kenny’s Eyes to share about her journey with, and through her husband’s passing due to cancer.

Carol asked me to join in the conversation to share about my experience of my father’s death at the beginning of 2016. Below you can watch the full recording which includes me doing a reading of a poem that I wrote during the year after my father’s passing, Fill Your Cup.

The interview covers a variety of topics relating to the death of a loved one, including the natural processes of grieving and the importance of having someone to talk to. The interview is a prelude to an upcoming PTS class that Carol and I are facilitating via Zoom. You can participate in Conversations on Death and Dying from anywhere in the world on Tuesday, February 19th at 12 pm Pacific Time. Click here to Register.

Watch Sally Kirkland and Friends with Carol Jones and David Whitaker:

Special thanks to Daryl Nice, Troy Collins, and Yvette Sotelo for their support in the production of this program.

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Dear Sally, I appreciated the gracious way you introduced Carol & David and maintained the flow and brought forward practical details such as “tell me more about zoom” which might have been key for listeners, as well as the content of the Death & Dying Course. Also repeating the zoom website and msia website. One suggestion would be to check camera person is focusing on the one speaking. It might have been a momentary lapse in the beginning as the camera was on the speaker in the second half. Carol & David – I appreciated your presence and taking time to share whatever came up. The poem is powerful for me David. Blessings to you all and the course. I’m thinking of who might want to do the course. Light ahead…Hugs and blessings. Corinne Kidd