Knowing from the Heart

By: Anna Sugai

March 23rd, 2019

Knowing from the Heart


This article is featured in Volume 2 of the New Day Herald Magazine.

When I first heard a heartbeat using my father’s stethoscope I was impressed with how steady and vital that sound was. How was it possible that the body could create such magnificence?

“To follow your heart” may not be as easy as it seems. If one is truly committed, it can be revolutionary; it can be “ground point zero,” anything that can transform will transform. The decision to heed the call of my heart was the beginning of my intense transformation.

Before I was even aware the question was being asked, I was seeking answers to, “How can I be true to my heart?” The quest to follow the way of the heart feels like it was born from my Soul. Looking back, the call seems to have predated friendships, the customs of my country, and preferences of the personality.

I remember at age eight I used to keep journals of what I was experiencing and why. This quest to know my true self became a defining characteristic of my life. I searched in books, foreign lands, and classes.

When I rediscovered the journals of my eight-year-old self years later, I realized how wisdom often comes from our most natural state. It doesn’t necessarily require years of experience or searching. Instead, it can come from one simple act; the act of listening to the heart.

Listening to the heart can be both a radical and a wonderful experience. It takes courage. The times when I was willing to listen to my own heart, it wasn’t a passive notion. It involved action. It was “Okay, since you’re willing to do this, here’s what we’re doing…”

It would often push past my comfort zone. I frequently had to choose into keeping my commitment to follow my heart and be ready to change directions. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve had to change course when I was willing to listen to my heart. I’ve had to learn how to be okay with the discomforts or upsets of others. I’ve also learned to risk being misunderstood or judged because I wasn’t doing what people expected me to do.

On the other hand, the prize was so profound and simple: I could look myself in the mirror and be at peace. I could put my head on the pillow and give thanks for another day, another night, of following my heart. Integrity is its own reward.

During my childhood and adolescence, I took self-development courses that were fundamental to learning the tools of loyalty to self. I learned the value of keeping my word, how forgiveness really, surprisingly, works, and how I am the creator of all that is around me. Those necessary and essential tools of awareness made my life easier, more honest, and more practical. Even after taking those trainings and absorbing the tools, I was still so thirsty for the essence of who I am. I knew that there was something more.

I was after something that I couldn’t identify but knew was there. Moreover, I was willing to sacrifice whatever was standing in the way of finding it. Herein lies the second most powerful approach I have adopted in my life: Sacrifice whatever is in the way of the highest, purest experience of who I am. That includes any illusions, attachments, fears, preconceived ideas, and everything in between.

In that period of openness and sacrificing what doesn’t work, I found the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness. I fell in love in a way that I can’t “fall out” of love with John-Roger, the founder of MSIA. I also discovered that the practical tools of everyday spirituality taught by MSIA stand in truth inside of me, not as mere textbook passages, but rather as a knowing. I even remember reading my first page of the Soul Awareness Discourses, and saying to myself, “Finally…”

I recognized the truth on the pages. The treasures I’d been waiting for so long had finally arrived. I knew it in my heart.

MSIA has made my life a powerful instrument for my Soul’s learning, growth, and upliftment. My heart sings knowing that I am, supported in going for the highest and fullest expression of my Soul.

God bless you.


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