Easter Eve Seminar 2019 [with Photos & Video]

By: NDH Editor
Photos by Kelly Sheehan

April 25th, 2019

Easter Eve Seminar 2019 [with Photos & Video]


The annual Easter Eve Seminar with the Traveler is a sacred time for the MSIA family. Watch the recording below to share in the teachings of the Traveler and enjoy this sharing from MSIA Minister, Matthew Van Fossan.

Could I go any higher after that totally transcendent Walking in the Light workshop? Leigh Taylor-Young called us forward into the Light and the resounding answer was, “Yes!” We listened, enchanted, as Eric Lumiere sang about “Giants Made of Light,” his beautiful refrain a song of praise to all of us Light beings choosing into the work of the Traveler Consciousness.

And then everyone’s favorite Light Giant took the stage. Hee, Hi, Ho, Hu! Here comes Johnny and J-R, too!

John Morton seemed moved by the power of the Christ presence coming through him. He shared that “The Christ pays all debts.” He mentioned bills specifically. What I took from this was that no matter what the state of my finances, the far greater importance is how I follow the Christ in my everyday life, that if I dedicate myself to following in these giant footsteps, my debts, both financial and karmic, would be handled with grace.

Johnny thanked everyone — both in the room and in the worldwide online audience — for showing up. He noted that there were many things we could have been doing instead. But we chose into the work of the Traveler. And what a blessing it was!

The gratitude was, I sense, returned in full measure by all of us listening. What a beautiful preparation for Easter!

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