Gifts of Transcendent Leadership [with Photos]

By: Transcendent Leadership Students and Faculty

May 9th, 2019

Gifts of Transcendent Leadership [with Photos]


The first cohort of students in the PTS master’s program in Transcendent Leadership came together for our spring residency at the end of March. We were treated to wonderful guest and faculty presentations, and we shared our own magical stories as heroes and heroines. Our creative imaginations opened into full expression, as we created group myths, integrated our learnings so far in the program, and became one with many names.

Some of us who were present at the residency are delighted to share a few of our experiences. We also invite you to enjoy these photos from our time together at the Spring Residency:

The connection among the students and faculty in this program is both deep and wide. And high with spirit’s glorious loving joy! I feel it each day, when we do s.e.’s together, meet in our Circles through Zoom, or share our stories and journeys in our online class spaces. But when we come together face-to-face for our residencies it is like going home. Like going home should be when my family is with me in knowing ourselves as Souls and as one in our connection with God. What a gift to have a cohort of committed fellow travelers as my Soul leads me on this lovely journey of life.

Many of us practice our spiritual exercises together each day in a virtual solarium (using a video conference connection). At the spring residency we had time for daily s.e.s in the Prana solarium spaces, gardens, or on the labyrinth. Building upon the sacred song of love, it was like we were in paradise. We came into a community of loving that was beautiful. I experience the beloved at a being level now.

Over the past months we have become a divinely close-knit unit, a spiritual family; loving, caring, sharing, respecting, and honoring each other in our togetherness in all ways! For me, it was as if even our classmates who were unable to physically attend were right there and participating with us.

I experience this as the transcendent leadership program for the kindergarten child in me. I am so well taken care of: heard–allowed to participate in a way that works for me–supported and loved. Through the five days together I experienced increasing closeness and vulnerability unlike any I’d experienced before. And there is even breakfast for us each morning before class!

Being with the TL cohort has been so uplifting! I am struck by the way spirit has woven a beautiful tapestry of Souls together in this cohort model of learning. I’ve never experienced such a diverse group of people, with all our personality quirks, come together with such profound love, support, and acceptance for all. This is truly an opportunity to experience the one accord. I have opened to a deeper experience of acceptance than ever before and this is a profound spiritual gift. I am perpetually moved, touched, and uplifted by each cohort member’s sharing.

The safety I felt allowed me such freedom in being creative, trusting, and seeing what came forward through some of the exercises and through laughing in the love and joy of our divine oneness.

We created group myths full of light and laughter, and more laughter, and then, even more laughter!

This program holds me in profound connection to my Self, to the long-standing wisdom that comes from deep waters inside. Every moment and every circumstance around and within me is a precious moment of learning and growth. My Soul is witness to the loving, laughter, and joy we experienced.

I had the feeling of wanting to live in the residency forever. The amount of loving and learning taking place with the TL Cohort, the faculty members, and the guest presenters was phenomenal. The energy seemed truly Soul level and I want to be in that all the time. Bringing that place of experience with me in my life is my opportunity. I know what that is inside of me, and I can call myself into that way of being, that which is, whenever I choose.

Taking Care of Myself

I have confidence and trust in myself. I continue to experience freedom and inner expansion by allowing myself to be in the moment and see what is happening.

I had a most sacred opportunity to present my story from Soul eyes–a sacred journey shared in the womb of our residency. Our TL Cohort is like Rumi’s field: we meet “out beyond the field of right-doing and wrong-doing.” We created a refreshing, uplifting experience of unconditional loving. The blessings truly are.

We complete our sharing with this special note from one of our beloved cohort members:

Although I was not able to be present at our residency, what comes present for me is to share how I have been experiencing the TL program. Being part of this journey is like an opening, or what some may call a vortex, with an opportunity to access a revolving door into a continually transcending, multi-dimensional school/existences. Outside the residency as I go about my physical day-to-day life, I notice that the experiences I have been inviting into my conscious presence were increased in both seriousness and intensity. As I go through these experiences, I continue to receive from spirit the privilege of freely choosing my response system, which we know may come with karmic debt if I am not paying attention. In other words, my 10% experience in the physical has been challenging and mostly painful until I learn to release my spiritual senses and shift my focus into being in my everlasting self.

When I attend the TL residency, things are very different and one major practice has been the opportunity to experience, share, and physically sit in divine communion. Sitting in it and with it physically is valuable because the depth of the experience has transferred into me and is now kinesthetically alive and transmitting. The battery is activated, full on! It took me being in and out of the first two residencies before I understood what was taking place and it was not until I had the experience of not being able to attend the third residency (due to work-related reasons) that the above became so very clear in my conscious mirror. Exercising the revolving door into God’s multi-dimensional consciousness has been an incredible training program. I know there is more and I am looking forward to the journey into the higher lands with my cohort and with the Traveler, as we continue to receive support from that which prepares the path, blesses the journey, and anoints the initiate.

In our transcendent leadership journey, when one of us heals, when one of us awakens, it touches us all. Transcendent leadership is an ongoing moment-to-moment process like breathing in and breathing out. It is spiritual and practical–a mystery school alive with joy, movement, upliftment, and fun. It is living the Travelers’ teachings. When we call ourselves forward into the light, as a cohort of learners dedicated to our connection to God and soul, we also joyfully call forward the new cohort who will join us in the coming year. We see your shining souls and look forward to seeing your lovely faces in August. If your heart is calling you to this beautiful experience, we hope you will answer and choose to be in the Fall 2019 Transcendent Leadership Cohort. We welcome you with open arms and hearts.

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