Integrity Is a Loving Teacher

By: John-Roger, DSS

May 9th, 2019

Integrity Is a Loving Teacher


Part of my job is to restore integrity to each individual. And it’s each person’s job to identify and stand in their own individual integrity. When each of us does that, integrity becomes present in everything we do. – John-Roger

This article by John-Roger was originally published in Conference of Integrity 1983, a special edition newspaper of MSIA.

Part of my job is to restore integrity to each individual. And it’s each person’s job to identify and stand in their own individual integrity. When each of us does that, integrity becomes present in everything we do.

Integrity can be defined as a wholeness or a oneness. Another way of saying that is, “To thine own self be true.” If you know yourself, you know the truth and that is really a part of God. The more integrity that speaks through you, the more people will see God in you and feel the essence and trueness of that. And the further you get away from that, the more they will sense guile or negativity.

Finding the trueness is done by going through the obstacles, human factors and personality traits and continuing to say, “Next,” to whatever appears. What you know is true for you will be validated in your everyday life and everything will be done with a sense of completeness, honesty, nowness and trueness. However, you might not have the experience of those things in your life until you find and develop those qualities inside yourself first.

At that point there is no “second”; there is only oneness and that oneness is integrity. There’s no need to be true to that because you are that. There is no leaving that place again.

Integrity is also a loving teacher. It’s not a corrector, but it’s a form of energy that shows you what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, what the results will be, and then another way to do it. Your integrity will show you the right way.

In the process of finding the right way, you must learn to discern the difference between integrity and being true to your ego, your feelings or the rules you’ve made up in your mind or the beliefs you hold. None of those are your true self; they are factors of the personality and they are being true to what you pretend is, instead of being true to what is. At any given moment, everyone has available to them the knowledge of whether or not you’re being true or false — if you care to listen.

Have you ever had the experience of doing something you really think is right and it feels good too, but somewhere there’s that little voice saying, “Watch it?” But then you go ahead and do it anyway and the situation gets worse and worse and that little voice is still in there trying to be heard? That is the voice of “integrity.” In the trueness of who you are, you will know the right direction to go.

I can always tell someone who lives in integrity because there is a oneness with them all the time. They don’t have to remember or be concerned about what they say or do, because the action will always be the right one. I’m not saying they will be “perfect,” but their presentation of themselves will always be perfectly timed and perfectly accomplished. There will be a “rightness” about them.

When you are being true to yourself and not compromising the ideal, something will start to radiate out from you. There is a radiation effect which takes place in Spirit and it will be felt by others who come into contact with that. It’s called loving. That loving quality allows the space for all the divergent individuals to merge into the integrity of oneness without any effort at all. Even though we’re not all here to do the same thing in the same way, we can love and support each other to do our thing the best that we know how.

Spirit has opened the avenue for us to assist each other, and by doing that we come into balance with one another. We allow ourselves the opportunity to choose instead of following a certain prescribed way. There are four billion people on this planet and that means there are four billion ways to find our way home to God by sharing and giving to others. As we do that, we strengthen our own integrity and awaken it in others. In this Golden Age, those who are not in that integrity will not be part of the communication into the higher realms of consciousness and Spirit.

It therefore becomes the job of everyone to awaken to their integrity so it can be used by all and for all. It is not to be used for personal gain or to put somebody down. And it is not to be misered or hidden away, because you will then lose it. Integrity is contagious and if you see it alive in someone else, it will awaken that same part in you too. It becomes a domino effect, as one awakens to their own sense of integrity or true self, we all benefit and can be uplifted. That’s why we feel a sense of celebration when we see someone who is living true to themselves. Our own spirit will reverberate to their trueness and come right into line with them.

It’s possible that the world could try to corrupt you, but as long as you maintain the trueness to your integrity — through spiritual exercises, meditation, contemplation, reading material or listening to seminars with an uplifting message to renew yourself — then the world can’t corrupt you. As a matter of fact, your presence in the world can purify and uplift it.

The Mystical Traveler Consciousness empowers the Soul to return to the heart of God by way of the Sound of God (God’s Word) and the Light of God (the Holy Spirit) — and then to stay off this planet of negativity and become a co-creator with life and with God in life. Everyone on the planet is the Mystical Traveler — everyone. It’s the very thing in creation which keeps creation going. The job is done by each person coming into attunement and having a profound knowingness of joy and happiness present in their lives.

You don’t have to know your Soul to be a being of integrity. You just have to come to the realization that you will not compromise yourself, nor the truth within you any longer, and you stand up. I’ve often said that once you know where the truth is, once you go there and sit in the truth, everyone else will eventually come there too. All you have to do is wait for them to show up.

We’re going into a time when leaders in the fields of physics, architecture, metaphysics, religion, business and politics will acknowledge that integrity is the quality which can set us free. Up to the point of living your life in total commitment to the integrity inside yourself, it can be a difficult life to lead. After that, there’s no other way to live.

Baruch Bashan


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Integrity-thank you J.R. and thank you all for this enlightening and beautiful article. My gratitude.