An Update from Nigeria on April Community Events

By: Debbie Roth

May 9th, 2019

An Update from Nigeria on April Community Events

The Nigeria community gathered together in April for a number of wonderful events!

In Port Harcourt, folks celebrated Easter and gathered to watch the Easter Eve seminar with John Morton. (You can find livestream events with John – from his travels and more! – by visiting MSIA’s online video library:

Then, Prince and a few other ministers traveled to the home of Uche Elechi for a special MSIA seminar. Uche is the 91-year-old elder brother of Emeka Elechi (who passed into Spirit last year). Prince is now going to hold seminars every other month in his home!

And in Lagos State, Kasim Balogun held his monthly MSIA seminar in April to celebrate Easter. The topic was, “Is There Unlimited Supply?” (He’s been holding regular seminars in his community for years.)

Here are event reports from Prince Iwuoha and Kasim Balogun, plus great photos!

Thank you, Prince and Kasim for your service, and much love and Light to everyone in our Nigeria MSIA family!

Easter Eve Seminar in Port Harcourt


The Traveler’s Easter Webcast in Nigeria, held at the MSIA centre in Port Harcourt, on Sunday 28th April 2019, was well attended and a great success. The Traveler’s magnificent presence, his love and blessing transmitted via the Easter Worldwide MSIA Family Gathering was indeed a ‘Generational Karma Buster’ to all attendees and his devotees.

Easter Seminar group April 2019

The MSIA Nigeria family is happy and delighted to partake of the eminent and profound message as it flows from the heart The Blessings Man of our time, The Mystical Traveler, John Morton. The beautiful attendants of this great gathering in Nigeria made it clear that we don’t know how to thank you, other than to declare our endless love to John [Morton].

Baruch Bashan.

MSIA Seminar at Uche Elechi’s in Npkor


This beautiful seminar was held on Sunday 28th April in the house of Chief, Uche Elechi the elder brother of late Rev. Emeka Elechi at Npkor Community in Rivers State. Uche Elechi is over ninety years old and very active with the teachings of MSIA.

Uche Elechi close up April 2019

Therefore, as part of my ministry, I have decided to keep him appraised with an MSIA seminar by going to his house every other month in the company of a few other students to hold an MSIA seminar. He is usually very happy and excited to receive us. Hence, we do have a lovely seminar and meditation with him before parting. Please send the Light.

Prince Iwuoha

MSIA Seminar in Lagos State


Seminar title: Is There Unlimited Supply?

The seminar activities were itemized as follows:

  1. The seminar started at about 9:00 AM with calling in the Light and followed by chanting of Ani-HU.
  2. Watching an MP4 by John-Roger, Is There Unlimited Supply?
  3. Sharing of testimonies [contributions]. The session was wonderful to me because I enjoyed hearing the good works of Light and love in the lives of the people present at the seminar. The children present were not left out of the sharing as they have their own experience with the love for the Traveler in their heart.
  4. After the sharing, we all moved to meditation where we chanted HU for a long time. It was a wonderful moment with God as everybody was feeling calm, peace and love in their heart.
  5. Light refreshment and a group photograph.

It was a great moment as we ended the seminar with a joyful heart of love for our Palm Sunday.

Lagos State Seminar Group 1 April 2019

Baruch Bashan,
Kasim Balogun

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It looks like you shared much love, light and joy together, how blessed and wonderful, with love and light from Australia, Victoria xxx

Wow, love the wonderful pictures of your community. The unity feel tangible to me.