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Celebrating Nancy Carter
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When MSIA puts on a party, it’s a PARTY. On June 19, they outdid themselves with a spectacular retirement bash at MSIA’s headquarters, Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens (okay, Prana to those of a certain era), celebrating Nancy Carter, whose 38 years at NOW Productions shaped the video products — J-R and John Morton seminars — that propel the Traveler’s teachings out to the world (as well as to us who study in MSIA).

Nancy has been a force of nature at NOW Productions — the audio and video arm of MSIA — since the late 1970’s, heading up the editing of videos of J-R’s seminars, and producing  exquisite Moments of Peace for our viewing pleasure. For many years she also was a Director for live events, and mentored many of the audio and video techies who found their way into MSIA. She embraced “making the Traveler’s Teachings available” with her whole heart.

NOW Productions was actually Nancy’s third career. She grew up in Ohio, but found her way to New York in the Fabulous Fifties, the Golden Age of television. In her first career, she worked for ABC Studios in New York, managing talent, and learning the art and science of visual communications. After a few years, she took a break from that, and went off to a small island in Greece for a couple of years, to think about things.

Returning to the States, she went back to school and earned a degree in counseling which she used to build a successful practice in Los Angeles. Simultaneously, she put her knowledge, talents, and skills to work at NOW Productions, holding the creative vision for the video products produced by NOW and for many years single-handedly creating the video Moments of Peace.

At the retirement party, the evening’s MC, Laren Bright (who is writing parts of this article) conducted the after-dinner festivities. The celebration progressed with a series of testimonials to Nancy, all of which boiled down to how much Nancy is cherished and loved. The NOW Team presented a lovely video they had created for Nancy, with many of her friends appreciating her.

Laren decreed that while Network of Wisdoms is a great name for the company, it would henceforth be known as Nancy’s Old Work. Our Traveler, John Morton, capping off that portion of the evening, corrected Laren, saying the company would be known as Nancy’s Ongoing Work. John proceeded to share about Nancy’s massive contribution to the Traveler’s work, and left us with a blessing for Nancy—and all of us—that was the perfect conclusion to Nancy’s tribute.

The evening ended in Prana’s dining room (where else?), with a spectacular Tart Tatin from Urth Caffe, and even more delicious schmoozing with Nancy and her friends.

As a plan for retirement, Nancy insists on beginning her FOURTH career, working as a counselor in Hospice situations. We predict they will love her as much as we do.

At MSIA, Nancy will be greatly missed by many, but her retirement from NOW Productions will not be noticed by most of us, because her legacy will keep things moving onward and upward for a long time to come.

A note from NDH Editor Deborah Martinez: I asked Nancy today which of the many Moments of Peace that she created is her favorite. She mentioned that her favorite thing is to create images that go with the music. So, here is Nancy’s favorite Moment of Peace for your viewing and listening pleasure.

Watch Nancy’s Favorite Moment of Peace That She Created

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View the photos from Nancy Carter’s retirement celebration

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