The Highest Good Workshop – Day 1 [with Photos]

By: David Whitaker
Photos by David Sand

June 30th, 2019

The Highest Good Workshop – Day 1 [with Photos]


We’re off to the races at the Conference of the Highest Good.

Leigh Taylor-Young Morton is our ever-gracious MC. Traveler John Morton is facilitating. John-Roger is co-facilitating through the teachings as originally spoken — including newly released and prepared excerpts that haven’t been heard in public since they were first spoken by John-Roger.  The participants are here, in a big way – over 500 in all if you include Live Streaming and in-person here at 2101 Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica.

It’s my experience that trainings like this have an energy of their own. All of the preparation that we’ve done – the script writing and re-writing, the room set-up, the excerpts created, the slides proofed, the travel arrangements, the food ordered, the promotions prepared, the MSIA store setup and ready, the internet connections tested, the audio / video equipment set up and ready to go, ETC… Everything that’s come before this highest good moment is all perfectly in play as we expand together and lift to that which is even greater.

John Morton is with us.

The Traveler is with us.

There is laughter in our hearts and Christ through it all as we travel this direct route into that which is the highest good.

Take a look at the photos and see for yourself.

View the Photos

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