Light Ministry – Keeping My Eyes on God

By: Joan Shea

January 13th, 2021

Light Ministry – Keeping My Eyes on God


I’ve been asked to get the word out about my Light ministry. For the past twenty years I’ve been holding the focus for what began as local prayer list. Following the completion of the PTS Masters in Spiritual Science (MSS) class that took place in San Jose, California 1999-2001, this prayer list provided a way for all of us who had taken the class to send Light weekly to our classmates and to our NorCal community as a whole. Over the years, by word-of-mouth, ministers throughout the world have joined us. Currently, 40 Ministers from Northern California serve in sending Light to the prayer requests. The majority have been with the list from the beginning. And, over the years 46 Ministers from throughout the world have joined us.

The format is a little bit different from some of the other Light lists and reflective of all the different ways Spirit works through us. As you know there are many ways MSIA ministers serve in sending Light. There’s the official weekly MSIA Prayer List. There’s the Light work that happens whenever we do our spiritual exercises or participate in MSIA related classes, trainings, seminars. Many individual ministers and MSIA/PTS Reps maintain prayer lists. John Morton & Leigh’s Daily Blessings lead us in sending Light. There are several pages on Facebook where Light is requested and sent. Throughout the world God works through many religions, spiritual and indigenous groups in holding and sending Light. Everyone’s list and ways of doing the Light work is different.

My experience of the eLight list is that its very Spirit-directed. I’m often given words and images to use in editing prayer requests. The focus is to use uplifting words and to begin each request with the words ‘Light to’ or ‘Light for the highest good to…’ Keeping the highest good in mind is key and the way Spirit often leads me in preparing the weekly list.

Learning to co-create a prayer list has been and is a very gradual process. I often felt unclear, unconfident in my writing. Trusting the words, images, intuitions that come to me has taken a lot of practice. At times, I’ve been led to include quotes or links to a video. Recently, I heard inwardly to put a specific quote at the beginning the list. I forgot to do so. As I was preparing to email the list, the direction came again, in what seemed like a big voice. There have also been times when I’ve received direction for holding or sending the Light in specific ways for brief periods of time. For example, imagining us circling up around a country, a wildfire area, or a particular individual.

My ministerial blessing provides a foundation in following Spirit’s direction. Two lines stand out to me now. “Spirit brings forward a blessing of peaceful strength” and “there’s great participation within your ministry.” As I practice moving to the stillness of the peace, the mind sometimes goes quiet. I relax and sometimes there’s a glimpse that all is well exactly as it is. That God is with us and loving us just as we are in our humanity. That the Light is working out the challenges that confront us. That we are called in our humanness to harmonize with others who may have different points of view or perspective. To hold our brothers and sisters in the Light and to look for the good in their actions.

The ‘great participation’ in my ministry refers to the many opportunities I have to move to peace. All kinds of situations come up to try my patience, to take me out of my center, or to delay me in writing an article such as this. All these situations give me practice in moving to a peaceful response. Sometimes the move is dramatic and I see clearly. Other times its very subtle and I just have to keep refocusing myself to relax and trust. Accepting the part of me that is impatient or reactive helps me have compassion for myself and others. Seeding for inspiration, focus and concentration
helps me stay the course.

In my experience, Light ministry, is keeping my eyes on God.

Much Loving & Peace, Rev. Joan Shea

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Nice confirmation of how spirit works with us

This is beautiful, Joan. Thank you!!

Dear Joan! What a beautiful sharing about the eLight prayer list! Thank You for the light work!