Opening to the Intentions of the Spiritual Heart

By: Matthew VanFossan

January 13th, 2021

Opening to the Intentions of the Spiritual Heart


By the time you’re reading this, 2021 is well underway. So how are the intentions, resolutions, and plans shaping up?

In thinking about what to say in this article, I asked Rita what her plans were for the new year. She said she didn’t have any. “I don’t want things to get messed up again,” she said. I laughed because I knew exactly what she meant. So many of my plans and desires for 2020 went unfulfilled. Part of it was due to the pandemic — I’d planned to travel more. I’d started a travel blog and ended up posting to it a paltry six times over the year.

And part of it was this kind of amorphous longing in my consciousness for achievement. “2020 will be the year I finally make it all happen!” I didn’t know exactly what ‘it’ was or how I was going to make ‘it’ happen, but those two round numbers repeating themselves in the date ’2020’ just seemed so auspicious. The two zeros like two owl eyes looking straight through me to the awesome potential I would manifest.

Well, funny thing about plans, desire, and amorphous longing. As that wise old owl could have told me if I’d only stopped to listen, “Hoot, hoot! Whooo you are is bigger than all of that!”

“Thanks Mr. Owl,” I would have said. And then I could have refocused on my true intentions, those aspects of manifestation that come from within and that are extensions of who I am in Spirit. Intentions like Love, joy, shine, breathe peace, serve, celebrate, be kind, renew. These intentions may not be as sexy as the short term goals of traveling to Russia or gaining 25 pounds of rippling muscle mass, but as that wise owl knows, they’re even more worthwhile. And, they’re really the necessary foundation for any meaningful achievement in the world. I mean, what good is all that muscle mass if I’m not loving who I am underneath it?

When I step back from plans and desires, I start to see that I did have some pretty great accomplishments in 2020. I graduated from DSS and despite having the graduation ceremony on Zoom, the power of the Spirit I experienced celebrating me in this achievement was totally off the charts, with John Morton there to anchor it all.

When I step back from plans and desires, I start appreciating those amazing moments all throughout the year when I remembered to laugh, or sing my heart out, or dance like a maniac, or swim in the ocean, or take in the blessings of a John Morton seminar, or hug my wife, or have breakfast with a friend, or celebrate a birthday on Zoom, or…

When I step back from plans and desires, I realize that my life is amazing. Not because of anything amazing I have done but because of the wealth of loving, caring, and sharing that I have allowed to fill it.

And so as I look ahead to 2021 I am very consciously letting go of plans and desires that might get in the way of letting even more blessings in. I’m opening to the simple joys of the moment and the intentions of the spiritual heart. Intentions that will carry me through no matter how long the pandemic lasts or if I ever do attain the sculpted, gorgeous physique that God surely intended for me.

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Matthew, you ROCK! Much Love, dear heart.

Dear Matt,

Given what you’ve shared, which flows with your usual unfolding way of a story mixed with sublimeness. – It seems you’re saying God has spent more time/focusing on sculpting your inner beauty rather than a sculpted magnificent physique. For that I’m grateful!!! Amen! Anyway, who has time for that when writing, and composing?? I have no such back up reasons. My advantage is that you can’t see me physically. haha Hopefully I have a shiny interior. I certainly have been working on it more than exercising my body – which I’ve made a step towards by chatting with my basic self and we would like to dance more – now that is fun. And I have two TL buddies which will do with me.

All this to say – that I love reading your stories, sharings, your warm humour, wisdom, insights, music. Thank you for bringing the light to us through it all. You are a blessing. I’m so glad you’re here!!!

Love and hugs

Beautiful and timely for me – thank you Matt!

Oh Matty! I love your sculpted physique already! Bless us all for 2021
Your friend Kevin