The Pandemic’s Connections

By: Marcela Costa

January 13th, 2021

The Pandemic’s Connections


The year was 2014. I’d just come back from my first 3 PAT trainings at Lake Arrowhead. I was thirsty for more connection. Back then I used to write emails to MSIA staff members asking if the local events could happen online. I could see clearly in my mind: Ministers, initiates and people from all over the world taking PTS classes, watching home seminars all online. And I held that vision for several years inside my heart, something I consider was not my own creation, but a clear message from Spirit.

Fast forward to 2020. We were forced to stay at our homes and adapt to this new reality of the online world. For me it was just like Christmas when all my dreams of online classes came true. And like me, many others connected within and with our world wide community without leaving our homes.

I participated in: home seminars, PTS classes (my favorite by far), minister’s meetings, did SE’s, read J-R books, placed columns of Light, did free form writing, received and gave prayer communion, blessed people and received blessings, and shared with people from all over the world (I have 3 buddies from different parts of the globe), watched John’s Blessings, participated in the Asilomarathon, also the Satsang. Oh boy! I enjoyed that all so much. And the best part for me (as a New Age kind of girl), I took others with me. It’s much more fun when we can bring friends with us (that’s my philosophy).

By March, I wanted to support the upcoming events and decided to create a whatsapp group where I spread the Spirit’s word everyday by posting all the online events I was aware of. And many people reached out to support me with more global events. The group had 100 people from all over the world and event information in Spanish and English. It was so beautiful for me to see everyone getting together, sharing who they are and the blessings of connecting within.
I want to thank everyone who supported this project and all that reached out to me asking about the events.

My heart reached, and still is deeply connected to, people from: Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Perú, El Salvador, México, US — New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Arizona — Canada, Bulgaria, Spain, London, Nigeria, Australia and New Zealand. And I want to thank each and every one of you for being part of my worldwide loving family.

As I was writing this article a part of a song keep showing up in my mind: “How wonderful life is now that you are in the online world.”

I want to complete this article with another song from my favorite movie: Coco.
This song means a lot to me. When it says “dream,” for me that represents the Soul Train where we all get together in Spirit. Where it refers to the word “song,” that represents to me the sound current of God.

Here it is:
Say that I’m crazy or call me a fool
But last night it seemed that I dreamed about you
When I opened my mouth what came out was a song
And you knew every word and we all sang along
To a melody played on the strings of our Souls
And a rhythm that rattled us down to the bone
Our love for each other will live on forever
In every beat of my proud corazón
Ay mi familia, oiga mi gente
Canten al coro, let it be known
Our love for each other will live on forever
In every beat of my proud corazón

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You rock dear friend! all my love to you!

Thank you for your sharing. Loved the song – it was goosebumps time 🙂 much loving to you and your ministry.


Bless you, you Global, Universal child of God. We are all blessed for having you in the world. Thank you. LL <3

Thank you Marcela for your continued path in the light.
I felt your warmth, enthusiasm, strength and love for your vision of the worldwide community! Xxx