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The Awesome Power of Spirit


Mitchell Brozinsky

This is my mind blower sharing.

I received my Soul initiation in January 1991, a few weeks after my job producing for the Jerry Lewis Telethon ended when they relocated to Tucson. Coinciding with outer world economic events, I found myself unable to find work for nearly 4 years in production, and went to work for my brother in law in a business that was an abysmal failure. I spent those years depressed, wishing I was dead though never suicidal, really an expression of my desire to find a way out of my desperate situation.

J-R has spoken about how we bore a hole through the levels to get to Soul then go down to clear and return. This was clearly the going back down part of the journey. In August ’94, I finally was called for work as a location scout for the Cosby Mysteries and Law & Order. I had given my resume to the location manager a year before and found out I was on a list of people they “thought could do the job but were untried.” That run lasted for 3 week,s then I was back in unemployment land.

In March ‘95, I awoke at 3 AM from a very spiritual dream. My body was vibrating and I was imbued with this incredible energy of joy and upliftment. I was bouncing off the walls. I couldn’t go back to sleep. This ecstatic state lasted for 4 months. A week after the dream, I got a call for location work, and by the middle of the year I was connected in and working all the time (and have done so for the past 20 years).

That spring during the MSIA east coast visit by J-R & staff, J-R confirmed I was given this Blessing to bring me back into the world. I knew I had been tested and had several mini initiations. My faith kept me going. The gift I received showed me the awesome power that Spirit can bring forth and how life can be changed in an instant.

I was grateful for the period of suffering that opened my heart and tested my willingness to carry on in dark times. I have used my experience as a reference in counseling others who have been in their own dark days. I realized how sad it would be for a desperate soul to choose to kill themselves when any day a Blessing could be present and goodness can flow forth.

I imagine that Spirit could reach a time when we all receive such a Blessing and the world is renewed with Light and Love. I am so grateful the Spirit has chosen to show me these Blessings and to lead me towards the Heart of God. I deeply love you all.

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  1. Joan shaeffer callos and Bill Callos

    Hi Mitchell Joni and bill from Philadelphia here. I met you every year on retreat. I really miss being able to go there Anyway I totally loved your article and thank you very much for sharing it with us. Love

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