Sending Light and Love: A Sharing with John Morton at Living In Grace Chile

November 8th, 2012

Doing God’s Work in This World

This is from a sharing with John Morton at the Living In Grace Retreat today in Chile, November 8th 2012

Whenever there are earth changes, it’s wise to send Light wherever it is needed. Each of us has the Light. So we send it for the highest good of all concerned which is an attitude of great openness. The Light just needs the slightest invitation to go wherever it is invited.

John-Roger spoke about law and grace, where law follows karma. The law follows what we have created to the exact measure. This is universal law. We’re all in it. Nobody and nothing is exempt.

Earth changes are also following laws which we may think of as natural laws about how things work in this world. Natural laws include how things are responded to in all of God’s kingdoms, including the mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms. We can also include the angel kingdom because it’s all God’s kingdom, visible and invisible. The human consciousness in this world sits at the top, like the top of a mountain. The human potential is the greatest potential that is physically present in this world. Our approach is to do the best we can in the conditions we find ourselves and with what we’re working.

In the animal kingdom, it’s often survival of the fittest although that’s not always what comes about. Sometimes a group action by several animals can take over an animal that would be more powerful if encountered one-on-one. Consider a group of hyenas taking over a lion. With concerted effort in opposition, a powerful force can be brought down.

To those affected by the storms in the northeast, or earthquakes in South America, or earth changes wherever they may be, remember the Light is with you. The Light is always with you. In the worst, darkest moments when it looks like everything is about to end or get colder, or you’ll have no power, or things will break down and fall apart, the Light does not abandon you.

This is the consciousness of the Divine. It is the power of the Christ. It is the Traveler Consciousness. It is a presence. It is an amazing intelligence. It is always with you.

If you wonder, “Why hasn’t God saved me? Why hasn’t God answered my prayers?” Remember you’re a responsible creator living amongst other responsible creators. Does your situation seem unfair? Do you need help? Then have the wit to ask for help. It may be as simple as shouting or crying out, “Help!”

When you hear your brother’s or sister’s call for help, ask yourself, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” That was a question settled in the Garden of Eden. You can attempt to deny it. You can try to avoid it. But you have a responsibility here. It’s in MSIA groundrule — “Take care of yourself so you can help take care of others.” Move into helping others more fully through your loving action. Grace flows through your loving action.

When we ask in grace, we come into an openness for what can be done for the highest good. We give it up to God. We let go and trust that what is going on is for the highest good regardless of what we think or want.

What can we do to help our brothers and sisters if we’re miles away? We can send the Light. We can smile when we think of them. We can know them in our hearts and hold them in our loving. When we engage our loving in what each of us can do, it’s multiplied. Something gets into our midst we can’t explain. It’s miraculous. It’s the presence of the Divine.

If we want to experience heaven on earth, it takes responsibility to bring that forward. We’re bringing the unmanifest into manifestation. It’s about being active and doing unto others whatever can help. It’s about doing it to the least one because when we’ve done it to the least of them, we’ve done it to the greatest. If we’ve helped the least one in our midst, then we have done it to the Christ. What’s the ability of the Christ? Whatever God can do in the flesh, in the world. So when we’ve done it to the least one, we’ve done it to the Christ.

What would God do as us? What would Christ Jesus do as us? In our minds, we can see it. Maybe all that is is a smile. Our caring counts. So be open and available to what is the greater way to serve and help.

Maybe you feel called to help physically, that sending the Light isn’t enough. Maybe you’re called to go and stand in for the Light, to be a Lightbearer in the situation. Often, there’s a comfort just because someone has shown up to help. I’m sure you’ve heard many times, “I’m just glad you’re here. I’m glad you care.”

What if the answer to your prayers is not what you thought it should be? Move into your trust and faith. Keep your wits about you. Look around and consider the best response. Remember that it is all good and all of God.

If you’re in a storm, choose to enjoy it even if it’s cold and there’s no power. Love it all. Maybe it’s time to have a block party, to gather together with your neighbors in Light and love. Remember our guidelines: Take care of yourself so you can help take care of others. Don’t hurt yourself and don’t hurt others. Use everything, including every storm, for your learning, upliftment and growth.

We have perfect love. We have perfect caring. We have a perfect God providing for our every need. In MSIA, we know the perfection is not in this world but in the world to come. So lay your treasures in the world to come. Store your treasures where you don’t lose them.

God knows our hearts. Do what you can to help. Use your Light to help others. Spend your Light freely, and God provides you with more. We never lack Light or love.

Put God before you, in front of you in all you do. Know that nothing is against you. Out of God comes all things. God loves all of Its creation. So send your love and Light to all of God’s creation regardless.

Baruch Bashan

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Sending Light to all those reading this sharing, to all those participating in Living In Grace Chile, to John Morton and to all those affected by storms in the Northeast, earthquakes, or other life challenges and changes

Thank you, John, This is so warming and reassuring to me.

Wow. This is a fully complete direction for the Ministry. Thank you, John. This is VERY clear. Thank you, Deborah, for sharing John’s message.

Oh my God, this sharing blew me out of the WATER! So many keys for being of service, for taking care of myself so I can take care of others, for asking for help and letting go into grace, and so so so much more. God bless you John Morton and God bless you Deb Martinez for posting this!!!!

This is so beautiful. Really. Thanks John X

I’m looking at this all [the hurricane and nor’easter] as a seed to the universe for transformation of the planet into loving, and as I keep giving into that greater possibility, the opportunities to serve and love and cooperate are multiplying. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m no hero, just handling what’s next, moment to moment. We have a generator hooked up so lights and heat are available. We can meet here on Monday for our next NJ Shore ministers meeting. Maybe get out and plant some Light columns together?

This is so rich, nurturing and affirming. My heart is full of gratitude. Thank you John, for your service and ministry, you always speak to my heart.