How Can I Open to Greater Receiving?

By: John Morton, DSS

November 16th, 2018

How Can I Open to Greater Receiving?


This Q&A with John Morton was first published in the New Day Herald in January of 2009

“When you do fully participate, you can experience improvement in the conditions in which you live and upliftment within. Each new experience contributes to your wisdom and growth.” – John Morton

Question: How Can I Open to Greater Receiving?

John Morton: In the Bible it says, “He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully” (2 Corinthians 9:6). When we place ourselves in alignment with the Spirit or God as we know It, then God will place who God is and what God is in alignment with us.

If you are sowing to God, if you are placing your energy and your life towards God, then God is what you bear. God is the fruit or the fruits that come to you. It is a simple idea, and, of course, it is neither unique to any person nor new. It is written in the Bible, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you” (Matthew 6:33). That is God’s promise to us all.

In order for us to even come into human existence, our consciousness must be given the ability to receive and give. Which is more important? Which comes first — the receiving or the giving? Actually, they’re one and the same. You cannot have giving without receiving. You cannot have receiving without giving. They coexist. They are polarities out of the same divine source. So it’s the dynamic of giving and receiving that is important, which means that one requires the other in order for it to exist.

As you come into higher conscious, you’re going to be called into greater receiving and greater giving. Would your giving be increasing while your receiving is decreasing? No, of course not. Receiving and giving increase mutually. They increase together.

As you progress in this consciousness, there’s a point that you’re giving back to God. You actually are making a contribution. In the spiritual conscious that we’re awakening to we refer to this as becoming a Light Bearer, holding the Light, conducting the Light and being an instrument of God. This is all part of the same progression of consciousness. We’re learning how to give more freely and conduct ourselves according to the Spirit.

Trust that your life is always an opportunity to better know and understand what God is doing with you and all here in this world. You can trust that God understands that you want more enjoyment, that you want to contribute and participate in making your life work in ways that are happy and fulfilling. That process is already in motion and becoming the reality of your life. It is already taking place, and you are allowed to participate fully as your destiny. When you do fully participate, you can experience improvement in the conditions in which you live and upliftment within. Each new experience contributes to your wisdom and growth.

The reality, however, is that we are already wealthy, regardless of how we participate or the conditions present in our lives, and that each of us has been wealthy from the beginning. Although that may not necessarily make sense in your mind, consider your experience in total. There is dynamic progression. You can learn to accept and understand that things are perfect as they are and in other ways that are in process, regardless of any negative conditions that appear. The negative conditions in the world are all temporary. The conditions of God are always available for greater good and are created to become the highest good. God’s will is a progression into a higher state that transcends whatever is found in the world. It is already done through what is true in Spirit.

There is no urgency. Our needs are met. The conditions in the world are inherently perfect the way they are and always potentially better through greater manifestation of what is to become. We can relax and participate in the blessings yet to become manifest, knowing that with God all the blessings are not just possible, they already are.

The Bible also states that the reason we do not receive abundance is that we do not ask. When you ask, in your heart, for your will to be aligned with Spirit, that can come to pass. Be patient and loving with yourself and with others, and you are well on your way to living according to God’s will.

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