Experience of the Silent Retreat in Phoenixville, PA

By: Elizabeth Frumin

October 30th, 2018

The statement “when two or more are gathered in my name, there I am also” [Matthew 18:20] is truth for me. This was so as 14 of us gathered for a Silent Retreat in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.

I find PTS classes to be one of the Traveler’s gifts to we who study this path of Soul Transcendence —  an opportunity to be, release karma through grace,  receive of the blessings being extended and leave class in more awareness of the Light.

Simple in design, this Silent Retreat provided a context for upliftment.

Through the experience of:

  • doing Spiritual Exercises
  • listening to John-Roger seminars
  • the Luxor Meditation for Peace and Harmony
  • Free Form Writing
  • time for contemplation and journal writing
  • body awareness and movement

this quiet time with the Spirit — unplugged from cell phones, internet and babble —  created a context for relaxation, listening, renewal and growth.

Some of the words participants expressed when sharing their learning, growth and awareness at end of the workshop included:

  • I feel cleansed on all levels: relaxed physically, even  and balanced emotionally, with a quiet mind.
  • I am aware of God.
  • I remember my source. I resourced myself and this support again.
  • I know more what deep relaxation really is.
  • I came in with an intention to gain clarity on my ministry and what’s next for me. I realized that whatever I do, if I am loving, that is where my ministry will be.
  • I would like to have this quarterly, to clear and have a clean slate with God.
  • It is good to be back in the group energy, to be enriched by the Light.

John-Roger, John Morton and all of those in the line of the Travelers have given us so much, so many tools, so many options and opportunities to receive of God’s support and guidance. There are so many blessings available.  I found that, in this retreat,  I was tuned up. I opened my eyes a bit more, connected to my Self a bit more, and remembered myself more fully into the body of the Lord  and the divinity that I am — all from the inside out.

This workshop was a simple gift  of support to ourselves as we continue our journey home. I encourage people to avail themselves of  a day or two, of this time with Spirit in a Silent Retreat.

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