God Is Alive and Well

By: John-Roger, DSS

November 16th, 2018

God Is Alive and Well


This article by John-Roger was first published in The Movement Newspaper, March 1979.

“If you do nothing, you are apt to be caught up in the negativity that is present on the planet, thereby losing your connection with Spirit. You must maintain your connection actively, because Spirit and Soul and God are all active. The process of Spirit is active; you must be active in order to participate in that.” – John-Roger

God is alive and well and living in your heart. He’s as present today, right now, as he has ever been. God is entirely present, all the time, in every age, in every country, in every human being, in everything. You find him when you live entirely in the moment…because that’s where God lives. God doesn’t live in the past that’s gone, and God is not gone. God doesn’t live in the future; that doesn’t exist. And God most certainly does exist. So the only place and time that God exists is now. And that now is also eternity. When you come to this moment now, you find out that God is present with you. And then you can experience that connection and discover the joy and the love that is present for you.

In the moment that you connect with God’s energy, the energy of Spirit, that is all that is necessary. When you’re with God, God is enough. It’s sufficient. It is when you are not aware of your connection with God that you are in a state of need or want or are experiencing lack. It is in the moments that you are depressed, upset, confused, hurting, that you need to connect into God. How do you do this? It’s fairly simple, but not necessarily easy.

One thing that tends to block you from your awareness of God is that you lose track of the fact that this planet is a negative planet and belongs to the lords of negativity. So you lose track of the fact that you have to actively maintain your awareness and connection with God. If you do nothing, you are apt to be caught up in the negativity that is present on the planet, thereby losing your connection with Spirit. You must maintain your connection actively, because Spirit and Soul and God are all active. The process of Spirit is active; you must be active in order to participate in that.

When we say that the planet is negative, it doesn’t mean “bad” but, like a positive and negative pole on a battery, the earth is the negative pole. The Soul, Spirit, is the positive pole. Those things that are of this earth are all part of the negative pole. So the body, the emotions, the mind, and the unconscious are all ready tools for the negative forces, the negative power. If you use the body, emotions, mind and unconscious as guidelines for your behavior here, then you are using them as tools for the positive power within you.

When you are lifting in your energy, when you are focused on the God within you and the God within others, when you are extending yourself upward in love and in joy… and the energy of God is simultaneously extending down to you, you enter into a state of grace; and grace becomes a part, of your beingness. Then God becomes a very personal, direct, revelatory experience. At that moment, you know that you know. And you are capable of doing many, many things that will be blessings for you and everyone around you. You’ve been there; you know what that place is. When you have that energy with you, do yourself a favor and just go with it. Share your love and your joy and your Light with everyone around you. You are not given that energy, that power, to do anything but share it and uplift everyone who comes to you.

Take advantage of the power and the energy that is extended to you to enhance your strength and determination, too. Use the spiritual energy to look deeply into yourself, to see the errors you have made, and to repent those errors. And that does not mean that you go into a “woe is me” consciousness, and it does not mean that you beat yourself up over your errors. To repent means that you observe the error, you see the action of that error, and you recognize the action that you can take so that the error is not repeated. That is repentance. It’s not repentance if you say, “Gee, I’m sorry about that,” and then go out and do it again. That’s nothing! Anybody can do that; that doesn’t take anything at all. Repentance occurs when you do not repeat the error…and spiritual energy is needed to accomplish that. It takes the strength of God in order to truly repent. Without that, you continually fall back into the error and repeat and repeat and repeat–and that’s the pattern of this negative world. That’s the way it has been set up by the lords of negativity so that it will perpetuate itself. Those people who are lifting beyond the confines of this world must demonstrate over and over that they have the ability to connect with the spiritual energy and use that energy to change their errors into stepping stones that will lift them even closer to God.

This process of spiritual attunement is an individual process. Your greatest moments of testing come when you step out of the group action and you are home, alone with your own little karmic thoughts–your secret hates, your secret fears, your secret lusts, greeds, avarices. That’s when you need God’s energy and grace the most. If you can lift up then and find that spiritual energy and pull it down through your mind, your emotions, your body and your unconscious–you may be able to “grab yourself by the bootstraps” and pull yourself up, There are to tools that will help you focus and attune yourself to the spiritual energy.

If you know spiritual songs, you can play those or sing those to yourself. Their energy will begin to lift you…and as you let them, they will lift you up to where you can make that connection with the spiritual energy, that positive Spirit. You might read some spiritual literature–perhaps the MSIA Discourses. Reading inspirational thoughts will assist you to generate a spiritual energy that you can use to lift yourself up. Sometimes you read great works by great spiritual teachers and you think, “Well, sure, they were inspired.” What a cop-out! You are inspired by God as much as anyone ever has been, because you are of God, just like the great spiritual teachers are of God. No difference. They might be able to verbalize it a little more or they might be a little more in touch with their experience of God than you are…but that’s the only difference. (It is, though, quite a difference.) And you can use their experience to guide you into your experience. Don’t use their experiences as a substitute for your experience–only as a guide. Use it as a “starter” to attune you to your experience and to show you how to see Spirit in everything that you do and in everyone that you meet.

If you have seminars of spiritual teachers, you can listen to those and attune yourself to the energy that comes through that seminar, and lift yourself in that way. If you are an initiate, you can chant your own initiatory tone inwardly and tune to the power of that word which has been placed inside of you as the energy of God. Use that word to pull spiritual energy forward. Use it to heal yourself, use it to lift yourself. Use it to give you the strength to change. Use it to, change those patterns inside of you that have held you down to the physical earth. You know what you want to change; you always know. It’s just that a lot of the time, you don’t have the strength or the energy to maintain the changes that you want. That’s why you attune to Spirit, tap into spiritual energy, connect into the power of God…and use those energies to create all things new for yourself.

You cannot live in the spiritual realms, you cannot live in Soul Consciousness, the way you are now. Everyone wants to experience heaven, Soul Consciousness, bliss, enlightenment, self-realization, whatever you want to call it. But you can’t have that as you are now. There is too much negativity with you; there is too much of this earth. You must lift from the negativity and change, transform your consciousness into positive energy and direction. And that’s difficult, because there is so much programming here that holds you back and locks you in. Change is a very active process. You can’t be lazy, and change. You can’t be “unconscious” and change. You have to keep your wits about you and keep focused and pay attention. I wish I could say that it’s easy…but it’s not. And it’s very, very possible.

Build within yourself a temple of Spirit, a temple of God. Remember–the Bible says that the Word was made flesh. My friends, that means that God chose the body within which to dwell. He didn’t chose the bricks and boards and stone of some church building. He dwells within you. He dwells in your husband and your wife, in your children, your friends, your teachers, your employer, your employees; he dwells within everyone. Treat yourself as you would God. Be good to yourself. Give yourself all the opportunities that there are to lift into a greater and greater awareness of the God within. Take time to go within, to be devoted to yourself, to read and to study spiritual things, to chant your tone and sing the song of God to yourself. Treat others as you would treat God. Be kind and loving when you are with others. Assist them in finding their God within and lifting into Spirit. (Sometimes the best way you can assist is to let them do it for themselves–their way. Don’t push them. Just let them be and love them for who they are in each moment.) There’s great joy in being involved in God’s work and in God’s creation. There’s great joy in taking care of that which belongs to God.

Remember that you are perfect just the way you are. The lessons that come to you through your body, mind, emotions, and unconscious, are the lessons of this world. As you use them as your stepping stones, you lift beyond them into the realms of Spirit.


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I love being reminded that I am perfect the way I am.