Open to Infinite Supply

By: John-Roger, DSS with Paul Kaye, DSS

November 29th, 2018

Editor’s note: This article is an excerpt from Living the Principles of Abundance and Prosperity Vol. 2 by John-Roger, DSS with Paul Kaye, DSS.

An attitude of gratitude is another key to being in harmony with the formlessness of infinite supply. When you can honestly and truly thank God for what you have, for all your experiences, for all the people in your life, and for all your expressions, the sense of gratitude goes very deep. In that depth, you are open to infinite supply.
– John-Roger, DSS, Fulfilling Your Spiritual Promise

Sometimes I wonder if the whole key to abundance can be as simple as being grateful. Being grateful moves me to a wonderful expansive place, surrounded by grace. So maybe it is that simple.

A friend of mine is dealing with cancer throughout his body, yet his expression is one of such gratitude that there is a saintly quality about him. By profoundly appreciating as gifts the simplest things in life, like moving his body and breathing air, those who come into his presence are lifted.

Tithing says, “Thank you,” in a deep, resonant, and sacred way. It is a clear way of expressing our gratitude to God and is also a form of dynamic giving that can set us free. Not everyone can see the door to freedom. It requires an openness and intent to see new possibilities beyond our brain’s conditioned hardwiring.

The spiritual principles of abundance and prosperity really kick in when we not only give thanks through tithing but also say thank you to ourselves for our part in being open to receive. In this form of gratitude, we can demonstrate our appreciation for our basic self ’s role in bringing abundance to us by creating a money magnet. I recently received two emails on the joy of doing just that:

About a week ago, I found the “God is My Partner” article you wrote several months ago about how to create a money magnet. I left it out for my husband to read and to see what he thought about creating a money magnet together. After reading the article, he was really excited about doing it, so we got an envelope and put $300 in cash in it.The $300 was 10% of $3,000 my husband just received from a client. We also tithed 10%, too.

Almost everyday I took the money out and looked at it, touched it, and told my Basic Self how wonderful the money felt and that I was open to receiving more.

This past Saturday, I went to the mailbox and there was a letter addressed to me from UCLA Medical Center.The last time I was at UCLA Medical Center was when I delivered my son, almost two years ago. I opened it and inside there was a check for $872.04.The letter stated UCLA just completed a recent audit and I received this money due to “duplicate or overpayment from you.”

I was so shocked! The money magnet worked! I deposited the money in our bank account today and took 10% ($87) out to add to the money magnet.

Thank you so much for sharing J-R’s wisdom and how a money magnet works. It was a powerful experience to say the least! God is good.

I thank you and bless you for your support with my money magnet. I kept it going and I now know that I must tithe 10% to God and 10% to myself. It’s a given in my heart.

For more information on how to create a money magnet, see Volume II of this series.

One of the most beautiful and gratifying of all prayers is just saying, “Thanks.” In reality, that is the only prayer necessary.
From Timeless Wisdoms, Volume One, by John-Roger

Our brains create order out of what would otherwise seem like utter chaos. As they take in stimuli and organize them into useful patterns— that is, information—we develop an inner vision, or model, of what our world is about.When these patterns are successful enough, our brain then imposes that model, or vision, on the external environment and on our experience.

The brain takes in stimulation from the world around us and within us, and organizes it according to knowledge it already has. Everything we have learned and that we hold in our brains, comes into play to “make sense of” the world.While it may seem that one thing is good and another is bad, that certain situations are threatening and others safe, it is our brain that has learned to interpret them as such.What we hold in our brains may even determine the possibilities we see or fail to see for our lives.

The story is often told that when Magellan and his crew landed in the Pacific islands, the natives asked how they had gotten there.When the sailors pointed to their large ships on the horizon, the natives could not see them.Though there was nothing wrong with the natives’ eyesight, the large ships were invisible to them. Their brains simply lacked the information to make sense of what they saw—or didn’t see—out there. When we only rely on what we already know—or what we believe we know—we create the same experiences for ourselves over and over again, no matter what comes our way.

Anat Baniel from Move Into Life

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