Spirit Takes Care of Its Own

By: John-Roger, DSS

November 29th, 2018

Spirit Takes Care of Its Own


This article by John-Roger was first published in The Movement Newspaper, September 1981.

“The spiritual strength we build inside by giving through our loving hearts is the strength that we use in our journey home to God. And, indeed, everyone is going Home.” – John-Roger

Everybody’s going home. That’s such a nice message. Home is that place of spiritual awakening where we know the presence of Spirit fully and we are completely aware of our own spiritual reality. Prior to reaching that point, we are still on the journey.

You reach “home” by continually moving forward. That’s a really important message. You must keep moving forward in your life’s progression. If you stop, even for a little bit, and hesitate in your life’s plan, you’ll fall flat on your nose. It’s much like a tightrope that a circus performer walks. Have you ever noticed that a tightrope walker doesn’t stand still? He’s always in a state of movement. And have you ever seen a tightrope walker perform mentally or emotionally? Those qualities are in there, but primarily he performs physically. That’s what it’s all about.

That’s what this physical level is all about, too. You do things physically here, if you are to get them done. Actions don’t get accomplished mentally or emotionally. They get done physically. You can think about things and you can plan things and you can create an emotional quality around them, but until you do them, they’re not complete.

Have you ever known people who were great at making plans, always talking about the next thing they were going to accomplish, and you never see them complete anything? It gets so that you don’t pay much attention to what they say. You know that they are just all talk and no action, and you don’t listen to their words after awhile, because you know they’re not going to do anything about it.

Spirit is an active process, it’s a doing process. When you can really realize that, actualize it and manifest that concept in your life, you will be so far into the living love that is the Soul, it will amaze you. When you can realize that the mind and emotions are tools to assist you in the accomplishment, in the doing of your life, you’ll find that your ability to lead a happy, productive, free life has increased tremendously.

Many people are discovering these keys and using them in their lives. Those of us who are living in this dispensation of the Golden Age, the time of the spiritual heart, are blessed so many times over that we tend to take things for granted. We think, “Well, why shouldn’t I have health, wealth and happiness? After all, I’m here.” And that’s true. You are here, and there is no reason at all not to manifest health, wealth and happiness in your life as long as that’s done in a balanced way that doesn’t detract from anyone else.

Sometimes, in the old way of thinking of things, you may think, “I have to get mine before anyone else gets his. I have to be first!” Not so. The most valuable commodity in the world is living love, and since there wasn’t enough room in one person for the living love, God spread it all over the world — in all shapes and sizes of human beings, from little kids to old people, from black people to brown people to yellow people to white people to red people. It’s everywhere! So to get the most valuable thing in the world, all you have to do is go to the person next to you and experience that which is the living love of the spiritual heart. And I’m not joking, my friends, it’s just that simple.

When you are going to grow physically, what do you do? You take things into your body. You take in food, water and air. Those are the main things, and you take them in, in a way that will enhance your growth.

When you want to grow emotionally, what do you do? You take into your body and consciousness emotional things. You take in comfort, solace, loving. You let people give those things to you, and you take them in.

When you want to grow mentally, what do you do? You take things into you intellectually. You read. You study new ideas. You study what different people have said about life. You compare ideas. You take in information. And you grow mentally through this process.

You can see that people spend a lot of time growing in the mental body, the emotional body and the physical body. If you want to grow a new physical body, you have to do that with somebody else, and that helps you to monitor what you’re going to produce. And if you fulfill that action correctly, you get a new, little body that’s to be filled with living love who someday will be walking around on this planet doing what you’re doing.

It’s a beautiful process bringing a “new” life onto the planet — nurturing the child, giving to the child, watching the child grow. If we truly love our children, we spend a great deal of time giving to them to assist them in their growth. We give them all he things we were given — good food, good nutrition — so their physical bodies will grow strong. We give them love and comfort and compassion so their emotional bodies will grow strong. And we educate them so that their mental bodies will grow strong. We support them on all levels so that they will grow up strong in the knowledge of their own nature.

Do you start to see where the idea of “giving” fits into the pattern? The physical, emotional, and mental bodies all grow by taking in. The spiritual body grows by giving out. What happens to you physically if you’re always giving out your physical energy? It falls apart. It dies. It can’t sustain itself unless it can take in what it needs to sustain itself.

What happens to the spiritual body if you’re always taking in? It dies. It goes away. Immediately? No, of course not. There’s a balanced process of giving and taking that creates a balanced perspective towards the world as a whole, the world that encompasses both the physical and spiritual aspects.

A long time ago I had a chance to talk with a man, to counsel with him and be of service to him. When someone asked me why I was doing that, why I was going “out of my way” to assist him and care for him, I said, “Because I’m selfish.” And the other person said to me, “That doesn’t make any sense. It can’t be because you’re selfish. It looks to me more like you’re very selfless.” “No,” I said, “it gives that appearance, but my reasons for doing this are very selfish. I’m doing this as part of my spiritual growth.” The other person couldn’t understand that point of view, but it was [and is] very accurate. Giving is how you grow spiritually.

If you give “selfless” service to others to help you grow spiritually, you’ve taken care of yourself and you’ve taken care of the other person. It’s a win-win situation. They’re going to benefit by your selfishness in giving to grow spiritually. And you’re going to benefit also.

Sometimes a person or a group will need assistance financially, and they approach people with the slogan, “Give ’til it hurts,” but a lot of people hurt at five cents. That’s a selfish point of view in the physical sense. It says, “I don’t have too much, so I can’t give much to you or I won’t have mine.”

The selfish point of view in the spiritual sense is “Give ’til it helps!” because then you are giving up the separation of “mine” and “yours” and you’re being of service to that other person or organization; and in the giving you grow so much in the spiritual body that you open up space through which you can receive even more than you gave.

It’s important to consider these concepts of selfishness and selflessness. If you’re being “selfless” and just giving and giving and giving of your physical energy and stamina until you’re completely exhausted and worn out, then you can no longer be of service to anyone else, nor can you take care of yourself. Then you become a parasite to your family, neighbors, society. When you don’t take care of yourself and keep yourself balanced physically, emotionally and mentally, then you don’t have the ability to give spiritually. You end up taking and taking and taking, as you attempt to get well enough to stand on your own feet.

Take care of yourself. That’s a prime directive of Spirit. Take into yourself those things that make you healthy physically, emotionally and mentally. And then balance that by taking care of your spiritual body by giving to others and sharing the health, wealth and happiness that you’ve created for yourself. A spiritual person is not a parasite on any level. A spiritual person is going home easier and faster than those who are not so consciously exercising their spiritual gifts.

When we talk about “going home,” we are talking about returning to the spiritual realms from which we came. The spiritual realms are our true home. Spirit is our nature. The physical body, the emotions and the mind are all aspects of this physical realm that we have taken into ourselves as mediums and methods of expression here. They are not our true reality.

It’s sometimes difficult to look beyond those and see our spiritual reality. That’s why it’s important to strengthen the spiritual body by the process of giving. You strengthen the spirit within by learning to give encouragement to others, to impart to them a sense of their own courage and ability to lift themselves up. You give them hope and assist them to renew their faith in the goodness, the “Godness,” of life. You don’t necessarily sustain them physically or financially, but you give them the tools they need to do that for themselves. And you provide the encouragement and the faith for them until they have that for themselves.

We are the divine instruments for God on this level. God does His work through us. When you are attuned to that, you find that your energy is absolutely tremendous. When you give from the reservoir of your own human, physical strength, you’ll find yourself getting tired quickly. You just can’t sustain for very long. When you are attuned to the Spirit that flows through you and you are giving from that Source of Spirit (which is an endless reservoir), you’ll find that you can go on and on and on. It’s absolutely amazing.

Spirit takes care of its own. You find that when you are doing the work of Spirit — or more accurately allowing Spirit to do its work through you — a lot of the things that might ordinarily be difficult become so smooth. Your body will stay healthy; it will just automatically select the right foods, assimilate what it needs, use everything to supply the greater energy for the work of Spirit to continue through you. You’ll find that your emotions stay balanced and you experience great joy as you are giving to others, so you never even notice the extent to which you are giving. The mind stays focused on the positive and maintains a clear direction, so you’re not distracted by negative thoughts. And if people don’t see the beauty in what you’re doing and criticize, you find yourself so at one with them that you understand where their remarks are coming from and are able to love that person that lives beyond the pettiness of the negative emotions and mind … and you just love them, anyway.

Life is like a smorgasbord all laid out in front of us, waiting for us to partake of whatever we select. When you go to a smorgasbord, the chef doesn’t care what you eat; he just prepares it and puts it out there for you. The cashier doesn’t care what you eat either; she just makes sure that you pay for whatever it is that you take. And the fellow that busses the tables doesn’t care; he just cleans up after you’re gone. They don’t care what you take, they don’t care if you eat it, they don’t care if you enjoy it. All they care about is that you pay the tab, that you give for that which you receive. The giving and the receiving must balance.

Life is very much like that, and it’s the attitude with which we deal with that which really makes the real difference. If we receive joyfully and enjoy our gifts, we’re balanced with that action. And if we give joyfully, enjoy that sense of fulfillment and experience our loving within that action, we’re balanced.

When we’re balanced, we can lift more easily into the Spirit, into the realization of the God of our hearts. The spiritual strength we build inside by giving through our loving hearts is the strength that we use in our journey home to God. And, indeed, everyone is going Home.

Baruch Bashan.


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