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November 30, -0001

Lord, through Your beloved Jesus, that one who has prepared our way through the Christ, we do ask for understanding, for Your presence, to be with us again. We ask You to be anchored to us as a way of being and expression.

John Morton, DSS
If you have established peace within your own consciousness, no one can take it from you. They won’t even be able to find it, and they certainly won’t be able to dislodge it.

John-Roger, DSS
Peace is present.

John-Roger, DSS
If you want to know whether you are expressing peace, it’s really simple. When you accept someone who is different, peace is present. When you move past your emotions and judgments into understanding and empathy, peace is being expressed. When you are loving, peace reigns.

John-Roger, DSS
How do we find peace? Peace isn’t lost. It is we who have lost our way back to our home. The way to return home is, first, by committing to do just that. Second, by doing what it takes as individuals and as a group to awaken others and ourselves to our divine heritage, which is peace. And third, by expressing peace with ourselves, our neighbors, our colleagues, our nations, and our world.

John-Roger, DSS
Spirit brings peace through your loving. Focus on loving, and you will discover peace.

John-Roger, DSS
You can know happiness, and you can know love. There is nothing else as worthwhile knowing. Love is the only channel for clear communication. And love is the parent of peace.

John-Roger, DSS