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Spiritual High Book

Spiritual High

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Michael McBay, M.D. joins John-Roger in this updated 2005 edition of the book formally known as "Drugs." Spiritual High describes some of the effects that drugs and alcolhol can have on the human body, mind, emotions and unconscious. For those of you who use drugs to experience higher levels of consciousness than everyday life seems to offer, the book presents alternative methods that can give you more lasting and uplifting results. If you are looking for adventure, then discovering, exploring, and becoming more aware of the spiritual being that you truly are can be one of the greatest experiences of your life.

"Don't depend on anything, but use every experience to step up... You don't have to do drugs to get 'up.' You can go very high through the Spirit in a way that is far more fulfilling."
--From Spiritual High

God Bless You!


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