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Timeless Wisdoms Volume 2

Timeless Wisdoms Volume 2

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In Timeless Wisdoms, Volume Two, quotations that are both inspirational and practical guide us through the spiritual adventure of daily life.

John-Roger, DSS. has a special ability to awaken the reader to true mystical vision while, at the same time, providing clear guidance in how to maintain our inner balance as we navigate life in the modern world. A loving devotion to God, and to humans in all their frailty, magnificence and idiosyncrasy, infuses John-Roger’s world as he shows us how to use each experience as a light on the path of spiritual growth.

Humorous and playful, pragmatic and profound, these quotes are interwoven with the beautiful photography of David Sand to provide a kick-start for the reader to reflect on life, or enter into meditation or contemplation, and from there to awaken to their true self and to the peace within.


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