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Guidelines In Dealing With People DVD

Guidelines In Dealing With People

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“Whatever you decide to do, place it in God's hands and then do it as though God has said, ‘It's yours, it's blessed.’” What! It's that easy? Just ask God to be involved, and then do it? OK, how about all the trouble I have in relationships?

In this helpful seminar, John-Roger's topic is dealing with people, from the pitfalls we encounter in marriage to the supremely difficult task of child rearing. “You have to lift up to a new consciousness all the time. When you do that, when you lift to the new consciousness, then you have overcome the world at that point only," (that moment with your spouse, or that difficult co-worker or with your child). Well, how do you lift to a new consciousness? What does that mean, anyway?

In his usual amusing approach to helping us be better humans, J-R spells out techniques for preparing ourselves to connect with other people who matter to us, and he also offers tips for taking care of our physical bodies and our emotional upsets—all so we can have better lives and better relationships with ourselves and everyone else.

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God Bless You!

Length of DVD: 42:12


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