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Fulfilling Your Spiritual Promise PDF

Fulfilling Your Spiritual Promise

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This unique 3-volume compilation offers an overview of John-Roger's vast teachings of Soul Transcendence, which he has shared for more than forty years. It includes explanations of such broad concepts as karma, incarnation, the realms of Spirit, and the human consciousness as well as information about such areas as relationships, dreams, initiation, his own spiritual journey, practical spirituality, and how to live in grace.

The information in this book may represent a small part of what John-Roger has said on these topics. It is meant to provide a start, a direction to look in, that may then trigger an awakening to the inner, living teachings of the spiritual heart.

Each chapter includes suggestions of John-Roger's books, audio seminars, and video seminars that give additional information on the topics covered, and an Index makes it easy to find individual subjects to explore. A Glossary defines terms used throughout the book.


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