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Living In Grace MP3

Living In Grace

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Forgiveness is one of the major keys for living in grace. Forgiveness opens the door to greater inner freedom and an awareness of the grace that is always awaiting us.

This best-selling six track set -- which includes 2 seminars, 2 meditations, an innerphasing (a tool for changing unconscious habits), and a highly effective exercise to clear the unconscious -- is designed to guide you into a greater experience of Spirit and of remembering who you truly are.

Consciousness of Grace Grace is God's dispensation that allows those things which have been out of balance in your life to be balanced instantly. This seminar offers keys for lifting yourself into the consciousness of grace.

Are You Living Under Law or Grace? An enlightening look at how to live your daily life in the grace that is always available. Lists 24 qualities of grace - and their opposites, "the law."

Meditation on Forgiveness A tender meditation in which you are gently guided into the loving of the Christ where all things can be forgiven and truly healed.

Forgiveness Innerphasing Leads you through ten levels of consciousness into the "basic self", bringing forgiveness, healing, and loving to each level.

Free-Form Writing Detailed instructions for this technique, which assists you in clearing unconscious blocks to Spirit. Also includes soothing background music which supports the process of releasing.

Meditation for Peace A meditative journey that calls you forward into the spirit of peace. Assists you in finding more loving, acceptance, and healing through forgiveness and remembering who you really are.

God Bless You!


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