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Spiritual Exercises Innerphasing MP3

Spiritual Exercises Innerphasing

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John-Roger offers seldom-shared information about spiritual exercises. You also have the opportunity to move toward personal freedom through Innerphasing with spiritual exercises. Includes an explanation booklet on SEs and how to do Innerphasings.

Track 1 - Spiritual Exercises Q&A with John-Roger
"Chanting tunes you into God, but if you don't stop to listen, how do you know if God answered?"

Track 2 - Spiritual Exercises Innerphasing
"You experience the great freedom in connecting yourself to the divine source of all things. And through spiritual exercises you make strong that connection in freedom and loving."

Track 3 - Affirmations
"I put spiritual exercises first in my life. The depth of my loving devotion increases daily."

God Bless You!

Length of 3 MP3: Approx 2 hours and 29 minutes


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