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The Ultimate Sacrifice MP3

The Ultimate Sacrifice

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John-Roger starts this seminar with the observation, "There's so much pain in the world. But it can be taken away," he says. "It's just that people won't let it go." "Sometimes that pain needs to gather itself into one spot and erupt," he goes on, "like a cyst." And he continues that it may take a while to get all the negativity out but as it goes, the person is purified and healed. Another way to say this is that a person finally has to sacrifice their negativity in order to be healed.

J-R briefly reviews the history of sacrifice. At one time, people were asked to sacrifice their minds for healing and peace...or their desires...or in some extreme cases, their bodies. “Those kinds of sacrifice aren't what's required in this day,” J-R says. “What is required is that we sacrifice everything that isn't who we are—the "we" that is the heart of the living love. That's the ultimate sacrifice.”

God Bless You!

Length of MP3: 39:39


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