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13 Minister Seminars MP3

13 Minister Seminars

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These 13 select seminars are available only to ministers ordained in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness.

This packet contains the following titles:

1. Ministerial Services in Action
2. The Greatest Ministry
3. Demonstrating Your Ministry
4. Ministering with Prayer & Verbal Therapy
5. Renewing Your Ministry
6. Recognizing the Spirit of Error
7. Willingness to Give--Willingness to Receive
8. Transforming Your Ministry
9. Who Are the False Prophets & Teachers
10. The Order of the Melchizedek Priesthood
11. Making Your Ministry a Joy to the Lord
12. Are You Committed to Your Ministry?
13. Are You Participating with the Lord?/Are you Dwelling in God?

God Bless You!


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