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The Way to Know the Soul MP3

The Way to Know the Soul

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This talk starts out with an explanation of infinity (but not what you'd find in any science book). “What is infinity?" John Roger asks. "It is nothing. It is no-thing, nothing. When we say not one soul will be lost, we’re talking about infinity or no-thing. So if we’re talking about infinity and that is no-thing, what are we talking about? We’re talking about the Soul. Amazing thing.”

Within this in-depth seminar, J-R offers commentaries on who we are, putting practical flesh and blood on Biblical stories. “To love your neighbor as yourself, "he says, "who is the self that you must love? The self is the Soul. How do you love your soul? What are the reference points, what are the characteristics of God?"

J-R goes on to name a few characteristics of the blueprint. "God is loving, God is caring, and God is sharing. But he’s one thing much bigger then all that. What is that? Forgiving. If He weren’t forgiving, to heck with the rest of these things. He’s in the forgiveness business and the way we know the Soul is when we’re loving, when we’re caring, when we’re sharing, and when we are forgiving our neighbor of all things.”

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God Bless You!

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