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The Action of the Christ DVD

The Action of the Christ

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"People raise their hand and say, 'Lord Jesus, save me,'" John-Roger says in the beginning of this seminar. He goes on to say, "And I think He's up there on the planet going, 'OK, just come on up.' And people say, 'Just come on down.' Sounds like a game show, doesn't it?"

Later on, J-R says, "When the action of the Christ comes into us, it comes in as a child, as innocence. And you have to pursue it, you really do."

What is J-R talking about? You could look upon this seminar as a blueprint to follow for getting what you want.

This seminar is a DVD Club seminar. Current subscribers to DVD Club receive a 25% discount on all DVD Club items.

God Bless You!

Length of DVD: 36:58


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