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The Angel at the Gate MP3

The Angel at the Gate

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"In the story, when Adam and Eve were driven from the Garden of Eden," John-Roger begins, "I think it stated that an angel was placed at the gate to prevent them from going back in. What would such an angel look like? Would it have large wings and a halo and a sword -- a flaming sword at that? Let's just take that and say, 'What is the angel then that stands as the guardian to our Garden of Eden today?' And why does it stand there?"

In this enlightening seminar, J-R tells stories and gives illustrations that bring to life the symbolic (or is it?) angel that stands at our gate. He describes it as the angel of doubt, of anger, depression, fear and worry, "And anything else," J-R says, "that you want to come up with that will prevent you from going in and finding the inner kingdom."

J-R never leaves us hanging out there for long. He asks, "Is there any way to get in? Yes. Love it all." And the angel clears the way!

God Bless You!

Length of MP3: 46:39


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