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Impressions of a Soul MP3

Impressions of a Soul

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Here is a beautiful meditation from John-Roger in the form of a seminar. in it, John-Roger says, "Let’s just keep in mind the idea that there is only one consciousness here: the consciousness of God. The consciousness that the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness is concerned with is Soul Consciousness or the consciousness of who you are." 

Within the same seminar,  J-R shares the different expressions of the Soul and how we can misidentify those expressions and thereby creating separation and pain. 

Where does the Soul come from, why is it here and where does it go? The age-old questions.  In this sweet seminar, you'll probably find answers to questions you have had about Soul, what it is, who you really are, and what happens to you when you pass over.

God Bless You!

Length of MP3: 23:10


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