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Chanting the Sacred Tones MP3

Chanting the Sacred Tones

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In this seminar John-Roger gives us information about the tones HU and Ani-HU. J-R tells us why it's important that we chant these tones and he makes clear the difference between the two. J-R also tells us the difference between the intellect and intelligence and he describes how to use both of them in conjunction with Spirit. J-R says “The intelligence of the Soul is a part of the spirit.” He tells us where this intelligence resides and its purpose. If you want to know how to grow spiritually and how that differs from growing emotionally or physically, then listen to this seminar. J-R says, “You can’t contact your spirit until you’re ready to give up your attachments to the world.” J-R ends the seminar by telling us a story from his own life that demonstrates the joy of the spirit and its purpose.

God Bless You!

Length of MP3: 53:39


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