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Watch What You Pray For CD

Watch What You Pray For

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Here is a John-Roger seminar that will answer questions you may have about our conscious lives on the planet, and what may be after we're no longer walking around in a body. If you are looking for reassurance, here it is.

J-R begins by reading two letters. Each describes a dream in which the dreamer asks for something, and receives what they ask for in an unexpected way -- sometimes welcome, sometimes unwelcome. J-R follows up with a story from his own life. In the story, he meets a small, destitute family who ask for what they want. He tells of giving them a response that contains more accurate information than even he understands at the time.

The physically challenged brother wants his troubles to be over... then he dies. The healthy brother, Jerry, asks for a job but dies in an accident, leaving the mother who says she doesn't know how to live without her sons. She soon dies of cancer. Several years later, J-R meets a youth whom he knows. It's Jerry who has returned in another body. Jerry hasn't forgotten he had asked J-R for a job. "We never really lose anybody," J-R says. "We never really lose ‘em. And it's funny too because I'm more attached now to Jerry than I ever was then."

"We have to realize that if we pray for things in this world we’re gonna get ‘em, even if we have to come back to do it. There's only one thing, honest to God, that we have to

God Bless You!

Length of CD:45:35


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