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All the Perfect Reasons MP3

All the Perfect Reasons

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Here is a John-Roger seminar we all need. It holds us up to the many ways we excuse ourselves and let ourselves off the hook, when we'd have a better life if we just faced the music. Go ahead, grit your teeth, and take the seminar's medicine like the strong spiritual person that you are!

J-R begins this way, "The scriptures, every one of 'em, say something like this, 'Man's to have joy and have it more abundantly.' Period. Then our question is, 'Why do we have so much misery?' And the answer to that is, because we produce misery by the things we do. And, we've got a whole bunch of reasons why we do that. Regardless of the reason we still have the misery, even though we all know our excuses are perfect."

J-R runs through many of the excuses we give ourselves...and the resulting consequences. He never just leaves us with the negative effects, though. He also makes sure we have what we need -- if we're willing to work it -- to get ourselves back on track.

"You'll get out there in this world and you will stop doing the techniques that you've been shown that lift you and build joy," he says, "because it'll seem like it's too hard. And, at that point, the habits of your customary behavior are reaching up through Who you are and repossessing you. That time is when you oughta' call the alcoholics anonymous or food eaters anonymous people and have 'em come over and sit with you so that you don't slide back into the morass of your own despair. Call up another MSIA'er and say, 'Hey I'm really slipping inside. Can you come over and sit and let's

God Bless You!

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