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The Law of Empathy MP3

The Law of Empathy

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To begin this beautiful and poetic seminar, John-Roger speaks about the importance of the subject of empathy. He says, "I'm going to explain to you in some detail a job that was given to me in Spirit: that of a law giver. For 'empathy' is now manifesting as a spiritual law although it's something that you've been doing all along. As of today, we will be ushering forward the new law form that can never be undone or untied. It is always evolving upward, moving into the heart of God.

Within the seminar, J-R describes what empathy looks like, when and where it can show up within us, and the rewards it can bring to us as we radiate the Light of its warmth to others. "The law of empathy," he declares, "will cause you instinctively to withdraw from hurting another human being before it can even rise inside of you. God bless those who can move to the law of empathy, for therefore you have side-stepped the karma that would be presented to you otherwise. Empathy comes forward and moves the Soul, moves the body, moves the mind and the emotions, and completes and fulfills the laws of acceptance, cooperation understanding and enthusiasm. For empathy is based upon these other laws."

This seminar will assist you to search out and further activate that spiritual law within yourself.

God Bless You!

Length of MP3: 26:24


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