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Mystical Traveler MP3

Mystical Traveler

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This is the downloadable version. It contains the audio portion only, it does NOT include the VIDEO portion of this packet

The Mystical Traveler package is comprised of 3 MP3's which carry 66 John-Roger excerpts used in the Conference of the Mystical Traveler Workshop (and some bonuses!).

In MP3 #1, entitled "The Loving Energy of the Mystical Traveler," J-R says this, "The Mystical Traveler is an energy field that comes right out of the heart of God. It goes to the end of creation and extends back into the heart of God. It never goes anywhere else. It is never born, never dies, always exists... and it's in everybody."

MP3 #2,is entitled "Mystical Traveler and Soul Transcendence," is about ourselves and how we participate with the Mystical Traveler within us. J-R says, "Our salvation is our loving -- it's the keynote to everything." There's more to assist us, to move into the loving being that we are but J-R's clear, consistent and essential message is one of loving.

MP3 #3 is entitled, "Mystical Traveler in Everyone." In it, J-R continues the theme of expressing our most Divine nature. "The Soul's natural nature is joyful," he says. "When you experience joy, you are experiencing your Self." As to how to find joy, he says, "If you want to know how to Soul Travel, move to truth. It has nothing to do with light, with sound, with color, with food, with posture. It Is."

God Bless You!

Lenght of the MP3: Over 2 1/2 hrs


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