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The Cosmic Form

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This seminar will lift you to the Light within your own beingness. John-Roger starts right off, "The big mistake that most of us make in relating to each person is that we think they’re that physical form that we see, whereas the physical form is a misrepresentation. What we really should do is run the law of assumption like this: they and I are more than what we look like and much more than what we may feel like or think that we are."

Well, if we're not our body, feelings or mind then, what are we? J-R's answer is that we are the cosmic form, if only we could look beyond the earthly "reality" and see.

And if we're more than our body, feelings and mind, how can we experience our true selves? Here's where J-R shines. He says, "You let go of your desires that are penetrating the outer world because they can’t be fulfilled. They can only be temporarily satisfied.

Take a look. Anything you take from this world, if you are satisfied, you only need it once. In this consciousness of spirit, there is only love. There is only one. That that we have been is that which we are turning to. Although what we have done is turn inside of us to the darkness, we are still the Light."

God Bless You!

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