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Tunnel Vision vs. Spiritual Vision MP3

Tunnel Vision vs. Spiritual Vision

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This is a seminar about arbitrary rules for life that we impose on ourselves and the people around us. It's how we limit ourselves....and how to get free. John-Roger begins the seminar by reading a long letter from someone who writes this, "I'm feeling a whole lot of love right now; I feel how much you have contributed to making it possible for me to be the me that I am in this moment." J-R's comment is, "It's such a fantastic experience to sit in your own divinity and know it. That's love!"

"Sadly," J-R says, "People are going to go out of here and lay conditions on their husband, or wife or children, on their body or emotions or their mind, or on their employers. Every one making those demands has tunnel vision. They're looking at life from their own conditioning, their own specialty or what their life has presented to them. And the truth is, you can't really force rules. Rules don't work in the end, because they are artificial in the first place, the second place, and in any place. No one has the authority to be over anyone else. We must assume responsibility for our own actions."

So, tunnel vision is discussed in great detail in the seminar. But what about the opposite – the spiritual vision? J-R says, "The golden age of consciousness is just the unconditional love. The spiritual point of view is the unconditional loving." Now how do you get from the conditioned responses of tunnel vision to unconditional loving?

God Bless You!

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