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The Romeo Error and the Contraction of Roles MP3

The Romeo Error and the Contraction of Roles

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"If you are having difficulty relating to the consciousness of the love of God, then you have to take care to look at what role you have perpetuated for yourself." This is the caution John-Roger offers us in this seminar. He continues, "Some people are playing the role of a mother, some are playing the role of a father. Some are playing teachers and ministers, judges, doctors, bums, alcoholics, murderers, thieves, great avatars, saints, gurus. We’re all involved in this play And the role that a person plays is always a contraction from reality."

Think about it; are you playing a role in your life? That is, are you identifying yourself with a job or identity that is less than Who you really are?

"What is all this based upon?" J-R asks. "It’s based upon what we call the Romeo error. Do you know who Romeo was? Remember in the morning after a night with Juliet, he says, 'What light from yonder window breaks?' He gave it away; he Shouldn’t have spent the whole night there. He’s in trouble to start with. Then he believes the people who tell him she's dead. That's the Romeo error, that and not recognizing Who he is without Juliet."

"Listen carefully, J-R says. I am going to give you the key. As soon as you think that you are not me, you are lost. As soon as you realize you are not each other, you are lost. I encourage you to move to the state of ordinariness." This is a seminar for you if you want to know how to do that.

God Bless You!

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