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Signs Of Soul Transcendence CD/DVD

Signs Of Soul Transcendence

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Format: CD/DVD

The Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness teaches Soul Transcendence and perhaps by now in your life, you have learned to aspire to Soul Transcendence. But what is it? And how would you know you are on the path and moving in the right direction?

John-Roger says, "Soul transcendence keeps your mind focused on your spirit and the awareness of your spirit. It's also a point wherein you're more open to receive the spiritual contact. So we could say that very fast: it is a spiritual point of contact."

In this compilation, assembled from seminars and question/answer sessions given during his half-century of teaching Soul Transcendence, J-R helps us visualize for ourselves that goal of Soul Transcendence. He also offers five signs within ourselves that can help us recognize that we are moving in the right direction: Joy; Service; Observation; Compassion; Loving.

This DVD/CD packet is a useful tool to keep close for those times when life makes us wonder, "Is this all there is?" J-R teaches that there is definitely more....that each of us is the Beloved. "Wake up and know that," J-R says.

God Bless You!


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