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Journey of Soul Transcendence MP3/MP4

Journey of Soul Transcendence

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This beautiful compilation of 62 J-R excerpts, almost 3 1/2 hours in length, travels right into the heart of Soul Transcendence, the power of intention, the value of doing spiritual exercises, and the freedom in thankfulness and forgiveness. John-Roger also demonstrates how to do spiritual exercises - how to chant the HU, H-U, Ani-Hu and Hoo.

This packet contains three main programs: Awakening to Soul Transcendence "Another energy name for God is intention. God is intention. Soul Transcendence is intention. Soul Transcendence into the greater form of Spirit is our natural heritage. This is natural learning, natural behavior. This is behavior that you do not have to learn; it's a behavior that you grew up with from the very beginning."

God Bless You!


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