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The Divine Principle of Completion

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John-Roger devotes some of this seminar to discussion of the Lord of Planet Earth, and the negativity that's here for us to deal with. Well, wouldn't you rather have the information instead of letting it run your life?

J-R says, "In the spiritual field, there’s a negative force field on the planet that is more powerful than the positive force field that's here, because the lord of this planet is a negative lord. And it behaves, according to its own dictation, as if the Souls that come here belong to it just because they're here."

"That would be like saying, 'Now that we’re in this hotel room, this hotel owns you,' " J-R continues. "This is like the old story of the Devil saying, 'I want to buy your Soul,' ...although he can’t own it anyway. ‘cause your Soul comes from a higher place than the one in which that negative force field resides." This negative field can run our lives if we're not careful, though. One way that gets us karma is not completing the actions we begin. "See, Karma equals incompleteness," J-R says. "You can end Karma by completing things."

"Negativity is one of the greatest strengtheners that I know of," J-R declares, "because when you get through it, there is such brightness with you that you go back and start to complete things as a principle. It’s called the Divine Principle. Sometimes it’s just completing inside of yourself."

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God Bless You!

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