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The Divine Unknowing MP4

The Divine Unknowing

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Is there some part of you that thinks it has to have information before you can make a decision? And what about that part of you that wants to know everything? Does it serve you? Really?

In this seminar, John-Roger spells out these human conditions. And counter-intuitive as it sounds, he tells us the reasons we might want to manage those parts of ourselves better. As always, J-R teaches us how to do that.

For instance, J-R gives the example of doing daily spiritual exercises, which are a way to commune with God. J-R says, "If you truly want to see God, you must see God in the Spirit. It is by reflection that you see things in the flesh. Only by Spirit do you see things directly. But if you can realize that you are in the presence of the Divine, in that moment you are in the Divine Unknowing. Some part of you back inside sees and knows that. And that is the part of you that I work with. But that part of you has no way of knowing you in terms of the emotions, the mind and the body because it's not that."

"If you have a choice," J-R cautions, "between the divine knowing and the divine unknowing, take the divine unknowing. That's because as soon as you know something, you have responsibility for the information and for the actions that go with it. When you don't know, you are open to receive of Grace."

God Bless You!

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