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Differentiation and Creativity MP4

Differentiation and Creativity

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If you have ever attended an MSIA event, you experienced that it probably began with group chanting of a sacred name of God. In this seminar, John-Roger begins by explaining why one of God's names is invoked. J-R then goes on to discuss a variety of fascinating topics, including a scientific explanation of why faith healing works, the dynamic of what goes on at MSIA live seminars, as well as precise communication (including J-R's "Let's eat Harry" example).

The theme of this talk, however, is differentiation and how we can creatively approach life. The seminar ends with an admonition and a solution, "If whatever you are doing right now is not fun, stop doing it. If there's a little bit of fun, consider going on. But if you say, 'I hate for tomorrow to come, and that job...,'don't go there. You can create fun."

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God Bless You!
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