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The Vortex of Truth MP3

The Vortex of Truth

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"You’re here (at this seminar) after spiritual lubrication, and it’s presented to you in a lot of ways: laughing, joking. But in the midst of it is the vortex of truth.

"When we’re not in the center of truth, we’re often in hostility. We’re often in anger, and we manifest it as resentment. You will resent the very truth that you go towards because it isn’t doing it your way. If you could manipulate truth, it wouldn’t be worth having. Did you know that? It’d be like all the other things that you thought were so valuable that you got, and where are they now? They’re cast away.

"What does a person do when they come to truth? At the point of entering into truth, you must become completely selfless, you just cast your fate to the wind. Why? Because the only thing that has any value is the truth. Not my concept of it; you’ve never really heard me give you my concept of it. Conceptualizing truth is a step from it. Realizing truth is in it, but what good is it unless you can actualize it? That actualizing of truth is the bringing forth of Spirit."

God Bless You!

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