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Hold The Image Of Completion MP4

Hold The Image Of Completion

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In this inspirational seminar. John-Roger states, "One of the laws is that if you hold a picture in your mind of what you want, you'll get it."

The fundamental message, then, is: watch what you're picturing. Instead of creating images of failure or abandonment or lack, create images of a positive nature and then relax and be patient. However, part of the process is to imagine the inner pictures through to their most positive completion.

For instance in your mind, watch that basketball leave your hands and go through the hoop. Or in your imagination, watch that person you're afraid of smile and praise you. Watch the answers jump into your thoughts as you take a test. You're the creator of your experience. Of course, J-R teaches practical spirituality so it helps to practice throwing the basketball, consciously be pleasant to others and study for exams.

Then John-Roger encourages us to imagine that we are divine. Now take that thought through to the most positive completion you can. Imagine that!

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God Bless You!
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